Land strategy

The District Councils will hold a vote next month

In today’s political environment, there are still many candidates who focus on the issue of people’s livelihood. Hong Kong’s housing policy has always been valued, and it has also caused many related strange phenomena. For example, in the Kowloon Yau Choi Constituency, the two candidates will work together to create a convenience store (see photo).

Another village has two candidates, one is the current district board member Li Yijing and the other is the challenger Liu Weicong

Before the district election registration, the two have begun to promote in the district, hoping to regain convenience store services.

Another village is a pure residential area, and the nearby shopping malls are closed after 11:00. In the past, there was a convenience store in Queqiao Street, which became another option for residents to shop late at night. However, a few years ago, the landlord rented the shop address to the real estate agent. From then on, there was a convenience store with a squatter. Say goodbye to the neighborhood.

Take the vicinity of Queqiao Street as an example

There are five branches in the same agency. In the past, three fast food restaurants have become one, and the price of food is higher than that in Mong Kok.

Shop leasing is a market decision. How can district board members fight for convenience store re-creation? The initiative is another suitable location, negotiating with convenience store groups. Whether these methods are effective will not be revealed in the future. For the neighborhood, like the details of these daily life, someone can care about it, and should feel more intimate and affixed.

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