Langtao sells 238 people on Saturday and temporarily receives 1800 votes

The focus of the first-hand market is on Langtao, Baishijiao, Tai Po

This Saturday (27th), 238 people were sold. The project has so far received more than 1,800 votes and oversubscribed nearly 7 times.

Lang Tao, the subsidiary of Yingjun (00041), had a sales arrangement last night and will sell 238 pairs this Saturday, with a total area of ​​389 to 1,231 square feet, including 1 to 3 households. The discounted price ranged from 5.536 million to 22.039 million yuan, and the discounted price ranged from 11,445 to 17,947 yuan.

This time is divided into two groups, A and B. Among them, group A buyers can purchase up to 5 units, but at least one selected unit must be purchased. Group B is a general buyer and can buy up to 2 people. The project will intercept the registration of intentions at 7 pm today (24th).

Yulin pushed 30 people on Friday and temporarily exceeded 3 times

He Wentian Yulin, who is also a new project, launched the first batch of 30 gangs. The discounted price ranged from 7.41 million to 16.179 million yuan, and the discount price was 27,826 to 38,661 yuan. The project launched its first sales arrangement yesterday and will sell 30 people this Friday (26th). According to market news, the project will intercept the intention registration on Thursday (25th), temporarily receiving more than 120 votes, and oversubscribed approximately 3 times.

III uploading the floor book

Xindi (00016) South West Kowloon Nanchang Station, the cover project, Huiyu III, just uploaded the building to the project website, is expected to launch the market next month. A total of 1,172 people are available in Huiyi III. The unit has a usable area of ​​267 to 2,171 square feet. There are 3 high-rise buildings in the high-rise building, which are the sixth, seventh and eighth blocks. The other two low-seats include the Huangdaohui and the Drilling . SHK said that the project sales were deployed in the planning process. In order to let the public take the first step to understand the details of the project, the sales brochure was uploaded on the official website today. The physical sales brochure will be distributed later. Details of the sale will be announced later.

The same is the new land of Yuen Long Kam Tin North PARK YOHO Napoli (Junyu 2B) plus the fifth price list, involving 72 groups. The price list is from 10.415 million to 2,451.9 million yuan, the price is from 17,652 to 20,989 yuan, the project discount is unchanged at the highest 16%, the discounted price is 8.832 million to 20,596,000 yuan, and the price is 14,828 to 17,630 yuan.

It should be noted that the developer maintains the same rebate as the previous price list. The rebate is also available for 5% of the units below 500 baht, and up to 5% for the 500 呎 or more, together with an additional 1% rebate calculation, meaning that the unit has the most 6% rebate. 145 people were allocated for sale this Saturday, of which 136 were in the general public offering and 9 were in the form of tenders.

And Hengdi (00012), Aberdeen, Nanjin. On the other side of the welcoming shore, we also pushed 20 people, which was about 4,556,200 to 6,,958,800 yuan, and the discount price was about 23,000 to 35,000 yuan. It will be released this Saturday. Among them, the top floor of Room C on the 29th floor, with an area of ​​195 square feet, is open for 179 square feet, with a discounted price of 6,958,800 yuan and a price tag of 35,686 yuan, which will challenge Hong Kong Island’s southern open new record.

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