Langtao Upstairs Book

Langtao Upstairs Book

The new market is hot, and Yingjun (00041) has been selling residential projects in Hong Kong for 30 years. Its subsidiary, Baishi Kok, Linhai New Pan, was uploaded to the building yesterday, and deployed to join the ranks of passengers in the short term, and will be available for sale within the shortest month. Langtao offers 723 gangs, ranging from 1 to 4 rooms, with the finest unit 357 square meters.

The finest unit 357

Langtao consists of 8 14-storey residential buildings and 2 4-storey residential buildings, with a total of 723 gangs. The most compact unit has a practical area of ​​357 square meters. It is a one-bedroom and platform-oriented household; the largest unit is a top-floor unit. The utility area is 3098 square meters; the standard households have a practical area of ​​379 to 2083 square meters, of which standard 1 room households account for 28% of the project, standard 2 rooms and 3 rooms account for 35% and 27% respectively, and 4 room standard households only have about 10%. The project is expected to be completed by the end of July 2020, and the uncompleted period is less than 13 months.

Luo Junqian, executive director of Yingjun Group, said that Langtao’s main two-bedroom and three-bedroom units will refer to the same area in the same district, with the goal of changing customers. For the second half of the property market development.

He said that the recent new disk has achieved good sales. Although the environment still has short-term fluctuations, the property market is expected to develop steadily under the leadership of residential demand. The Group has not launched a residential project for 30 years. The previous project is Zhonghuashan Baohuatai. According to the development direction of the Group, the development project will continue to be explored in the future.