Lei King Wan broke the top again, making 19,500

Lei King Wan broke the top again, making 19,500

High-quality goods have been favored by buyers, and they are often sold at high prices. Among them, Tsing Yi Lei King Wan has a sea view unit sold at the top price. The latest high-rise sea view two rooms with a total of 19,563 yuan per owner, the price of the price quickly broke the record of another sea view building in the same month.

Chen Huilin, regional business manager of the Central Plains Tsing Yi City Branch, said that Tsing Yi District had recorded three consecutive transactions in the past weekend, including 11 high-rise rooms in Lei King Wan, with a saleable area of ​​504 square feet. The two rooms were separated and enjoyed sea views. The original owner called the price of 10.3 million yuan. After the bargaining, it immediately changed hands with 9.86 million yuan, and the price was 19,563 yuan. The price of the house was the highest in the history of the house. The original owner entered the market for 5.63 million yuan in 2012, holding goods for about 7 years, and the book profit was 4.23 million yuan, an appreciation of about 75.1%.

At the beginning of the month, Leijingwan had a seascape unit that was promoted to the building king. At that time, 7 middle-floor A-rooms, 3 bedrooms, and a practical area of ​​856 square meters, sold for 16.68 million yuan, the price was 19,486 yuan, and the price and price also refreshed. The housing estate is high, in other words, the record of the price of the price has been broken by the aforementioned units for only one month and pushed up by about 0.4%.

Qingyi Garden has a record of 6.2 million in two rooms

Another high-priced transaction in the same district came from Tsing Yi Garden. Peng Jintian, the chief joint marketing director of Lijiage, pointed out that the three high-rise F rooms have a usable area of ​​343 square meters. The two rooms are separated and the past weekend was also sold at 6.2 million yuan. The two bedrooms in the estate have a new high, with a price of 18,076 yuan, which is a record of the price of the whole estate. The original owner bought it for 3.55 million yuan in 2013, and the book value rose by 2.65 million yuan (about 74.6%).

Individual silver masters were sold at a price of ecstasy. According to the news, the A low-rise room D of the Aocene House Ya Tao Court has a practical area of ​​576 square meters. The original plan is 3 rooms. The silver owner has already paid a land premium of 11.34 million yuan. The sale of the price challenge has raised the land price of the HOS flats in Hong Kong with an intentional price of 19,688 yuan.