The Liaison Office will continue to perform its duties as always

According to the website of the China United Office, on July 22, Wang Zhimin, director of the Central Government Liaison Office in Hong Kong, and deputy directors met with the media at the entrance of the office building, stressing that the Liaison Office would replace the new national emblem overnight on the evening of the 21st

It is necessary to show the Hong Kong community and the general public that the solemn national emblem is still hanging high in the Liaison Office building. The Liaison Office will not disappoint the expectations of the public and will, as always, firmly implement the duties entrusted by the Central Government and support the SAR Government in accordance with the law. Governance, support the police and law enforcement agencies to effectively restore social order and peace in accordance with the law.

Atrocities seriously hurt the feelings of the entire Chinese people

Wang Zhimin pointed out that on the evening of the 21st, some radical demonstrators in Hong Kong blocked the Liaison Office building. A few unscrupulous mobs threw eggs, ink, and black paint bombs to the national emblem, defiled the solemn national emblem. The mob also undermined the security facilities of the Liaison Office and wrote words that insulted the nation and national dignity. The act was very harsh and serious. The Liaison Office and the community of Hong Kong have strongly condemned the acts of such illegal mobs and firmly believe that the Hong Kong SAR Government and police law enforcement agencies will severely punish them in accordance with the law.

Wang Zhimin emphasized that Hong Kong has undergone some fierce demonstrations during this period of time, completely beyond the scope of peaceful demonstrations and openly challenging Hong Kong’s rule of law. On the 21st, there were even more acts of mobs that openly challenged the constitution and the authority of the Basic Law, the authority of the central government, and the dignity of national sovereignty. These have seriously damaged Hong Kong’s very precious rule of law and undermined the fundamental welfare and fundamental interests of the people of Hong Kong. Seriously hurt the feelings of the entire Chinese people, including more than 7 million Hong Kong compatriots.

All walks of life never agree that chaos continues

Wang Zhimin said that I believe that all walks of life in Hong Kong will never agree with this phenomenon and the chaos will continue. Hong Kong is the common home of more than 7 million compatriots. For such a common homeland, Hong Kong people from generation to generation have paid a lot. The people of the motherland have also given a lot of support. This kind of violence that blatantly challenges Hong Kong’s fundamental well-being cannot continue.

Wang Zhimin said that during this time, we have received many people’s concerns from Hong Kong citizens, including government officials, political group leaders and friends from all walks of life to express their concerns and indignation. On June 30 and July 20, People from all walks of life braved the heavy rain and expressed their love for this family. They are worried about their own difficulties and problems. “Yesterday (21st) evening to the present, in the past ten hours, we have received a lot of information, once again felt the voice of it, have the concern for the Liaison Office, and have the expectation of peace in Hong Kong society. Last night The staff of the Liaison Office, like the citizens of the public, are very angry and shocked by this illegal mob.”

New national emblem high hanging in the joint office building

Wang Zhimin said, “The Liaison Office has changed the new national emblem overnight, that is, to show the general public in Hong Kong that the solemn national emblem is still hanging high in the Liaison Office building in the sunny days when the sun is still rising. Still standing still, standing on the banks of the Xiangjiang River, will not live up to the expectations and expectations of the general public. That is, we will, as always, firmly perform the duties assigned by the Central Government to the China Office, and still firmly support the SAR Government in accordance with the law. The administration still firmly supports the SAR police and law enforcement agencies to effectively maintain Hong Kong’s social order and tranquillity, punish illegal mobs and bring peace to Hong Kong.”

Wang Zhimin said that he has taken this opportunity to express his heartfelt gratitude to the ordinary citizens of the China Central Liaison Office, officials of the SAR government, representatives of the NPC National People’s Congress, members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and leaders of the political organizations. Please rest assured that we, like everyone else, are good partners and good friends of the people of Hong Kong. We will, as always, protect Hong Kong with everyone and work together for a better tomorrow for Hong Kong.

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