Life Victory Group Buying House

Life Victory Group Buying House

The social atmosphere is sinister, and the new homes in the local area continue to be hot. The “Dragon Bed" in Tuen Mun has received 12,000 votes. It was 99% (339 people) on the day of the sale on the past Sunday; Only 128 square meters, the single-family property was ridiculed when it was first launched at the end of last year. In the early days, there was no interest in it. It is expected that this time it will be slightly lower (average discount price of RMB 14.9 million) is so popular. What’s more, one group of buyers is a deputy principal of the author’s middle school alma mater. His monthly salary is nearly 100,000 yuan. His wife is a registered occupational therapist. His daughter is a top ten champion, a Cambridge graduate and a Hong Kong sister, and his son is a doctor. Such a “victory victory group" even lamented that “getting on the train is difficult" and was forced to start with the “Dragon Bed".

The whole family mobilized to avoid spicy taxation

I believe everyone knows that the daughter of the above family is Mai Mingshi, whose father is Mai Sir Mai Zhuosheng. As far as memory is concerned, Mai Sir has served as the vice-president for at least 10 years. According to the Hong Kong Association of Educational Professionals, the monthly salary of the vice-president of the government and aided secondary schools ranges from 82,000 to 93,000. The estate of Mai Sir is not a star, but a professional (occupational therapist, doctor). From the eyes of outsiders, it belongs to the standard “middle class" or even the “Upper Middle Class" family.

However, it is such a family who appeared in the sales office on Sunday. The market said that they bought a total of three flats. Mai Ming Shi revealed that this time he mainly assisted his brother to get on the bus. It is really difficult to buy a flat in Hong Kong. “Only step by step, continue to work hard."

The only thing seems to be a bit contradictory. What does it mean that Mai Jia said that “it is difficult to buy a building", but once again, he bought a “three-story building" with a big hand? This reflects the common dilemma of many so-called “middle-class families" under the eight-round counter-cyclical measures of the Hong Kong Government and the HKMA.

Take Mai Sir as an example. Although he and his wife have high income and believe that they have already held a self-occupied property, if they buy a second unit, they must pay a 15% stamp duty. Moreover, he is nearing retirement age and is difficult to obtain bank approval. Long-term mortgage.

As for Mai Mingshi, the star’s superficial scenery, but the income is unstable, lack of fixed food bills, it is also not easy to borrow to buy a flat. Mai Mingshan (brother) is 30 years old. After graduating from CUHK, he worked as a doctor at Tuen Mun Hospital. He had not practiced his own business just after the internship period. His salary is believed to be affordable, but there may not be enough initial purchases. For properties above RMB 10,000 (for example, a unit of 9 million yuan will cover up to 60% of mortgages, and the first phase will require 3.6 million yuan).

For this reason, this time, Mai Jiaqi has dispatched a “Dragon Bed" to make good use of the first-time home buyers of each person to avoid hot taxation. Secondly, Jingyu is the main seller of “super nano households". The price is mostly less than 4 million yuan, which can make 90% mortgage. On average, only about 300,000 yuan is needed to buy one unit in the first period; if it is 900,000 yuan in cash By giving three “heads", you can sweep into three 3 million units with a total property price of 9 million yuan. On the contrary, if the 900,000 yuan “one note wins" is obtained in the market, even a 5 million yuan second-hand unit can’t afford it (up to 80% mortgage, it needs 1 million yuan for the first period).

After all, in the past, doctors at least lived in Caine Road and Banham Road over the Millennium Building. However, it is obvious that there are different past days. Secondly, if the three units are connected, they can open up their own “medium-sized flats". Together with the work of the brothers in the nearby Tuen Mun Hospital, it is very convenient to walk only 15 minutes away from Jingjing. In particular, doctors in public hospitals are very busy, and they have time to use them to feel better than to travel long distances on Hong Kong Island (he transferred to work and moved to another house).

Abnormal property market can be more abnormal

In any case, the buying experience of the “Life Victory Group" fully reflects the “perversion" of the Hong Kong property market; it does not mean that it will return to normal, after all, subject to demand (population and purchasing power continue to increase), supply (Difficulties, the “Dayu" and “farmland public-private partnerships" are also blocked. The currency (the US is about to restart the interest-rate cycle) has three major factors. The past ten years of history have proved that “metamorphosis" can be “more abnormal." . From the point of view, the super-nano households like the “Dragon Bed" believe that they will continue to sell. In the past, the saying goes, “The dragon bed is not as good as the dog sin." Nowadays, “the dragon bed is better than the bricks!"