Lihui Building completed repairs next Wednesday

The Legislative Council Building was madly destroyed by a large number of thugs on July 1

After more than three months of repair, the underground lobby, the first floor and the second floor were roughly restored, but the exterior glass of the building was still surrounded. On white wooden board. The Chairman of the Legislative Council and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr Leung Jun-yan, said that the cost of repairs was about $40 million. It is expected that the next Wednesday will resume as scheduled. A yellow warning will be issued for two consecutive days to ensure the smooth running of the meeting.

At present, the Chamber of the First Floor has already returned to its old appearance

The SAR emblem is solemnly hung on the top of the podium. The table of the House of Representatives is as clean as new, but the wooden boards near the emblem leave traces of repair.

The portraits of the previous Presidents of the Legislative Council, which were originally linked to the Legislative Council Corridor on the first floor, have not been re-attached.

On the second floor, the graffiti legislators took a group photo and finished cleaning and re-hanging. The graffiti sprayed on the walls and pillars of the various levels of the Legislative Council showed no traces.

As for the underground lobby of the Legislative Council, the imitation chair seats, imitation parliament seats and district emblems originally set up in the restaurant have disappeared

Souvenir shops and restaurants opened as usual yesterday. The glass on the outer wall of the building is surrounded by white wood and is expected to be repaired in February next year. The entrances and exits of the Legislative Council underground connected to the demonstration area are still not open.

The Legislative Council’s Executive Committee visited the repairs yesterday. The Chairman of the Legislative Council and the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr Leung Chun-yan, said that the remediation of about $40 million was shared by the Legislative Council, the Architectural Services Department and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. Some of the costs were covered by the Legislative Council. The government applies for supplementary funding. The Legislative Council and the insurance company are discussing compensation, but the amount is not fixed.

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