Long Tao received 1150 votes

Yingjun (00041) sells Langtao, Baishijiao, Tai Po at a low price

It was the first weekend of open demonstration units on Saturday and Sunday, attracting large-scale approval buyers to visit and invoice. According to market news, the project received about 1150 votes, which was 6.7 times over the first price list of 150 people. Developers deploy and push, and sell in the fastest week.

User investors account for half each

Lang Tao issued the first 150-person price list on Thursday (18th), the average price of the discount was 13,567 yuan, and the individual unit’s discounted price was as low as 11,446 yuan, which was a new one in the district. The entrance fee was 5.536 million yuan. The demonstration unit and the invoice were opened on Friday (19th). As far as the reporters were seen outside the demonstration units at Langham Place in Mong Kok yesterday afternoon, the sales outlets were crowded and the atmosphere was very lively. Nearly 100 people and agents continued to queue up for a visit.

Liang Shuyi, Deputy General Manager of Sales and Marketing of Yingjun, pointed out that as of noon yesterday, a total of nearly 10,000 visitors were recorded, with a temporary receipt of about 800 votes. Nearly half of the tickets were from the New Territories and the other half were from Hong Kong and Kowloon. The proportion of users and investors is half. Developers are actively considering the push, with room for price increases, and have the opportunity to sell within weeks. According to market news, the project has received 1,150 votes in the past 3 days.

New trading volume fell 85% in two days

Langtao, located at No. 7 Research Road, offers 723 gangs with a usable area of ​​357 to 3098 square meters. The project is expected to enter the end of July next year.

In addition, due to the lack of new-handed focus, no new projects have been launched. In the past two days (20th and 21st), only about 77 transactions were recorded, which was more than 5% of the previous weekend. .

Wing Tai Real Estate (00369)’s Tuen Mun OMA OMA sold 124 groups yesterday, including 97 units of price list units, and 27 other groups were on sale from the same day. The news pointed out that the project broke out 18 people in a single day.

OMA OMA is located at 108 Kwun Tong Road, Tuen Mun, with a total of 466 teams. It is expected to enter the end of June 2021.

Xinzhao (00083) Tai Po Baishijiao Yiyi Bay 8 has set up 8 groups in the past two days, including 3B high-rise room A, with a practical area of ​​699 square meters. The transaction price was 12.462 million yuan, and the price was 17829 yuan. The new level of the unit. The project has sold 387 people so far, and the cash is over 3.4 billion yuan.

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