Love Haitang increased by 1.5%

Recently, the market focus is still on the new market, and many projects have increased sales

Cheung Sha Wan Ai Hai Estate, which was developed by Cheung Kong and the URA, has added a 2% construction period payment and sold 112 people on Saturday. He Jianxin, the assistant chief manager of Changshi (business), said that the project is a unit for sale, emphasizing that the original price is pushed, and that the price is competitive, and there is room for price increase. Thanks to the new insurance measures, He Jiaxin continued to add the “2% construction period payment discount”. In fact, the plan was originally entitled to a 0.5% discount, ie the latest offer increased by 1.5. %, and the total discount is 20%.

Total discount of 20%

It is also revealed that about 26% of the units currently sold adopt the construction period payment method, and it is expected that the number of people using this payment method will increase in the future. The plate has so far sold 198 people, and the cash is about 1.96 billion.

In addition, the plate was pushed 88 pairs yesterday, all of which are 2 bedroom units, covering an area of ​​474 to 487 square meters, priced from 97.23 million to 12.471 million, and the price is 20,513 to 25,767 yuan, while maintaining a maximum discount of 22%, the discount price is 758.4. Million to 9.727 million, the discount price is 16,000 to 20097 yuan, and the average price is 17521 yuan. The most flat price is 2 C-rooms on the 3rd floor, with an area of ​​474 square feet and a discounted price of 7.584 million.

Pushed 88 people yesterday

This Saturday, the first-come-first-served 112 people will be sold at an average price of 18058 yuan, of which 2 houses account for 103 groups and the rest are 3 houses. The group will launch 64 groups by way of bidding.

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