Huanhai·East Coast 3 according to the market, low market price of 10%

Huanhai·East Coast 3 according to the market, low market price of 10%

The rise in property prices has attracted the owners to increase their mortgages. However, after excessive borrowing, they will eventually have to pay a premium to leave the building. Among them, there are 3 orders for the Red Sea and the East Coast, with a change of 6 million yuan, and the low market price is over 10%. The need for eclipse leaves the fee.

1 room, 6 million hands, eclipse, 87,000 departures

According to the Land Registry, the F-room of the middle floor of Block 1B of the East Coast and East Coast has a usable area of ​​351 square feet, which is a one-bedroom interval. The original owner purchased the unit for 5.851 million yuan in 2015 and applied for a second mortgage to Jiulong Jianye Finance. In April of this year, the owner re-mortgage unit borrowed from the finance company, that is, a total of three mortgages.

It is estimated that the owner urgently needs funds to cash out, and finally the unit was sold out at 6 million yuan last month. Compared with the same room in the same room in April, the price of the middle-floor house was 6.85 million yuan, which was 12%. In addition, the four-year book held a profit of 149,000 yuan, but the commission of 60,000 yuan, and the printing of 176,000 yuan, the actual erosion of 87,000 yuan left.

Secondly, the front gate of the Yuen Chau in Kowloon City is now in accordance with the eclipse unit. The high-rise room A of the project has a usable area of ​​638 square feet. It is divided into 3 bedrooms and suites. It has recently reached 11 million yuan, compared with the purchase price of 11.63 million yuan in 2012. Depreciated by 5.7%.

Kowloon City Yumen·The first 3 rooms depreciated 6%

In addition, the main room of the D room in the high-rise room of Yashiyuan, Shatian Garden City, with a usable area of ​​324 square feet, will be launched at the auction site, with a asking price of 4.68 million yuan, which is more than 6 million yuan compared with the bank, at least 20%.