$21,722 per ton lower than last year’s 9% retreat

Hong Kong people go to the streets for the sake of democracy and fear of freedom to go backwards; developers are striving for ideal sales, and their new orders must also attract customers with “reverse price". Everyone’s demands are quite clear

After the price adjustment of Xindi (016) Nanchang Station “Huiyu III", the first batch of 235 people opened the price yesterday. If the maximum discount is deducted, the average discounted price is 21,722 yuan, which is flatter than the “Huihui II" of a year ago. 9%. In addition, the Kai Tak “Shang.", which is co-developed by Longhu (960) and KWG (1813), will upload the book and the price immediately after the week. The developer believes that the property market should be properly lowered to facilitate long-term development. Emphasize that under the current market conditions, there is still confidence in sales.

The “Hubei III" unit is open to four-bedroom households. There are no three-bedroom households

The available area is 275 to 1,513. The price is 7.67 million to 50.419 million yuan. The price is 24,985 yuan to 33,324 yuan. % basic discount, discounted price of 6.136 million to 40,335,200 yuan, discounted price of 19,988 to 26,659 yuan. The project entry unit is 8 blocks, 6th floor, D room, which is open-plan, with a practical area of ​​725, a discounted price of 6.136 million yuan, and a discounted price of 22,313 yuan.

The developer also provides two additional discounts. One is the “Hui Fan Discount Discount". Buyers will submit the first two phases of the project’s intention to purchase the building before the September 9 this year, the first two phases of the purchase, or the cover. The official lease of stamp duty is the first two phases of the rental project. The current purchase of a unit with a saleable area of ​​1,000 square meters can be discounted at 30,000 yuan, and the purchase of 1,000 yuan or more is 100,000 yuan. Second, for the extra cash discount, the signing of the contract will be signed before the end of October. The open-to-two-room households will receive a discount of 49,800 to 99,800 yuan. Buyers can also choose the combination of home and family purchases. All offers can be overlapped.

Thunder: Adjust the price according to market conditions

If about 21% of the total property price is “calculated", the admission fee is 6,056,200 yuan, and the discounted price is 22,023 yuan. For other types of flats, the number of one-bedroom households was 7,175,400 yuan, the two-bedroom households were 9,982,200 yuan, and the four-bedroom households started with 38,307,200 yuan.

Compared with the “Remittance II" launched at the end of 2017, the first set of discounted average price was 21,152 yuan. This time, it was only 2.7% of the high water. However, according to the Government Rating and Valuation Department, the price of private housing as of the end of July this year. The index has risen sharply by 13.6%. The current price of Phase III has clearly “underperformed" the market. When the current phase II building was re-launched in August last year, the average price rose to $23,893. If compared with last year, the project III is flattened 9% a year.

Looking back at the recent second-hand registered transactions in the same district, the newly-sold Olympic station, which has a 7-year-old age, has a recent transaction price of 30,165 yuan, and “Huihui III" has a low water rate of 27.4%. The Deputy Managing Director of SHKP, Mr Raymond Rare, acknowledged that in response to the Sino-US trade war and social factors, the property market has slowed down in the past few months. The Group has also adjusted the selling price for the market. It is “time to turn back" to two years ago, but it is still reasonable. The market price is considered to be very acceptable to buyers. Tang Jinjiang, deputy general manager of the group, said that the project will receive the fastest ticket tomorrow, depending on the ticket collection situation, and arrange for the next week to start selling.

with reference to the same district price

In addition, “Shang." yesterday introduced to the media 667 standard units located in two residential buildings, ranging from one to four-bedroom households, one of which has an open kitchen with 58 people and two rooms with 176 and three rooms. The households accounted for 320 gangs and the four-bedroom households accounted for 58 gangs, with a saleable area ranging from 332 baht to 1,072 baht. Huang Shaohong, director of marketing for Longhu Hong Kong, said that the project pricing was based on Kaideyi second-hand and He Wentian. Zhang Shiyun, director of marketing and marketing of Hejing Taifu Group (Hong Kong and overseas), revealed that the first batch of standard units will be introduced first, and the demonstration units will be open before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival. The units cover the first one to three rooms.

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