Mainland customers “drag and drop" 550 million sweeps of 17 gangs III

The new land (00016) of the property concept of the Hong Kong Iron and Steel Building (00016) Nanchang Station Huiyu III charm can not be blocked, reproduce the large-scale inland dragging the building

The first round of the 220 million yuan to sweep 9 groups of mainland visitors, yesterday used 330 million yuan to sweep 8 large units, two rounds of 550 million yuan to sweep 17 people, because all the company bought in the name of the company, the single tax has been Up to 165 million yuan, enough to buy more than 3 large units. According to market news, as of 7:00 in the evening, the project sold a total of 337 people in near Qing, and sold nearly 690 people in two rounds.

sold 352 gangs in the second round yesterday, and then picked up the building in two periods

In the first round, the company swept into nine groups of mainland Chinese tourists in the name of the company. Yesterday, the representatives of the mainland were invited to enter the market. The market news pointed out that a man wearing a white shirt and a woman in black were dragging and holding large bags. The seal of the company went to the sales office to pick up the building, and it was rare to drag the floor to buy a new one. It is said that the mainland customers used the 330 million yuan to sweep into the 7-seat and 8-seat A-room 1500-square-large units, involving a tax of 99 million yuan. Taking into account the first round of sweeping goods, the large-scale two-round joint use of 550 million yuan swept 17 people, taxable 165 million yuan.

It is the turn of Group B. Because of this group of over-the-counter buildings, the large number of approved buyers have rushed to the sales office, and the people have been discharged from the lobby to the parking lot. Mr. Chen, a prospective buyer, said that the unsuccessful purchase unit is self-occupied or invested. The two-bedroom households have a budget of more than 10 million. They are not worried about the property market decline. Because the supply is limited, the property price will always rise.

According to market news, as of around 6 o’clock, there were about 337 gangs sold, and Qingtai was looking forward to it. Nearly 690 people were sold in two rounds

Chen Yongjie, vice president and president of the residential department of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that even if the project was launched in the second round, the attendance rate was as high as the first round. It can be seen that despite the increase in price, the project is attractively attracted by the railway, and the developer provides high-value mortgages. The proportion of investors is as high as 60% higher than before.

As of yesterday, there were more than 900 transactions in September, which is expected to reach 1,500 in the whole month, about 10% more than last month. Chen Yongjie pointed out that one-handed response was prosperous, reflecting the effectiveness of the first-hand offer, negative interest rate factors over the Sino-US trade war and social turmoil. The impact.

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