The market outlook also sees investor confidence

Driven by favorable rumors, Hong Kong stocks broke out yesterday with a huge wave of stagnation

Both the HSI and the futures index rose more than a thousand points, an increase of more than 4%, making the short-selling friends of the short-selling position, which appeared the biggest increase in trading this year. At the climax of the day, the Hang Seng Index rose to 2,666, up by 1,27, and closed at 2,562, up 9,995. The total daily turnover was $116.3 billion, a surge of $52.5 billion from the previous day. The index futures closed at 2,674, up 10,00 points, and the low water was 47 points.

The largest increase was in China-funded real estate stocks. Many large real estate stocks rose more than 10%

The rent-collecting stocks were sold in the past. Yesterday, they also washed the hurricane. The property development stocks became the leading stocks, with the biggest increase. It is the Wharf Property, which received a 46-yuan triangle and rose by five yuan, an increase of 12.1%. In addition, the new world rose by 10%, the new land rose by 9.8%, Hengdi rose by 8.7%, Changshi rose by 8.6 percent, and Hang Lung Properties rose by 6%. The five-point point is a very rare big increase.

In terms of banking stocks, the same is true. Hang Seng rose 6.9 percent, BOC Hong Kong rose 5.4 percent, and HSBC also rose 3.5 percent. East Asia rose 3.1 percent, which is quite pleasing.

In addition, the banking stocks were pushed in the last stage. Although they were not as strong as the local banking stocks, they generally rose by 2% to 3%. The most powerful one was China Merchants Bank, which received a 37-yuan triangle and rose 4%.

Tencent, the “share king", rose by 12 yuan yesterday to close at 341 yuan and 3.6 percent

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange received 248 yuan, with a net income of 4.7 percent.

Yesterday, I lost my position and I can tell you how to choose a day. Originally, the US stock market index fell nearly 30,000 points overnight, which has caused people to worry about the impact of Hong Kong stocks. However, at this time, a big friend of the United States launched a violent offensive against the friends, killing a piece of film.

How is the market outlook? In conclusion, the short-term rebound is almost the same. The resistance in 2700 is not light. Will it leave a big gap now? It still depends on whether investment confidence is restored.

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