Mid-Autumn Festival

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is different from the past

Whether or not the MTR is still driving has become a market topic. It is precisely that the demonstration conflict is plaguing the whole society. The property market is naturally difficult to be independent. However, after nearly two months of exploration, many preparations have been made. At the time of the new plate, the ammunition has been accelerated to sell, which makes the market atmosphere of the first-hand market lively. In the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, not only will the new disk be sold for the first time, but also a number of new models will open up new demonstration units to prepare for the storage. The Mid-Autumn Festival’s new listings have become a good holiday show.

Three new discs have been offered

Since the beginning of the month, three new discs have been offered, one of which has already completed the first round of sales. The other will be available for the first time tomorrow, and the other will be opened soon. It will be launched as soon as next week. This Saturday will be a visit to the demonstration unit and the collection period. In addition, new demonstration units have been exposed and will be open to the public during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is obvious that prospective buyers who have been “hungry for a long time" have no shortage of good places during this holiday.

Long-term investors choose more

As a result of the wide range of new types of open-door visits, from the existing real estate to the 2-year floor plan, from open to 4 large, so that interested buyers can carefully choose to visit one by one during the holidays, especially the budget In the long-term investors of 10 million to 15 million, there are quite a few choices in each new disk, and even a slow comparison can be made before it is decided.

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