Ming Yu Duo Mansion sold over 100 million yuan

violent conflicts continue to be fierce, and large-capacity goods continue to be sold

Jia Ming (01271)’s He Wentian Ming Yu sold a group of duplexes with more than 100 million yuan; another Hengdi (00012)’s Hung Hom Kai Kai pushed 20 groups yesterday, according to market news, all clear.

The social situation continues to be tense, and the new market is mixed

The new disk in the recent ticket collection has been slow to respond, and some expensive luxury houses have continued to be sold. Yan Jingfeng, director of business and marketing of Jiaming Group, said that the Ming Dynasty 9 and 10th floor B complex houses, with a saleable area of ​​2,718 square feet, and a four-bedroom double-set design, were sold through tenders for RMB 108.8 million, with a price of 40029 yuan. The project has sold 14 people.

In addition, the special households of Room B, 20th Floor, Block 12, Baishijiao, Baishijiao, Taiping, Beijing, were purchased by the buyer at the end of last month. They were sold through the tender for 5.186 million yuan. The 251 square 196 196Rooftop, the price is 20,661 yuan. The unit was originally sold in May this year for 5.269 million yuan, but the buyer canceled the transaction in late August, and the difference in the new transaction price was due to the difference in payment methods.

Zhong Zhilin, executive director and sales and marketing director of Wing Tai Real Estate, said that its OMAOMA in Tuen Mun sold 22 groups through public offerings and tenders in the past two days

Among them, the five groups sold yesterday were all 5th floor with platform features, two rooms. Interval, the transaction price of 5.478 million yuan to 5.784 million yuan, the highest price of 13771 yuan. The project has sold 267 people so far, and the cash is nearly 1.49 billion yuan. Among them, the public offering units sold 252 groups (accounting for 73% of the 348 people).

According to the Land Registry’s information, the Yau Ma Tei market now has a 131-square-foot shop on the 2nd floor. It has recently changed hands by 2.42 million yuan. The price is about 18,473 yuan, which is 3 million yuan more than the original owner’s purchase price in February 2015. Ten thousand yuan.

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