Mingqiao receives more than 5,800 votes and over 14 times

The new competition has warmed up

Three days after today, more than 1,250 people will be sold in various new markets. Jiaming Group Holdings (01271)’s Tsing Yi Mingchee will open 388 pairs tomorrow, of which 375 will be sold by registered lottery. Last night, 5,854 tickets were accepted for subscription, oversubscribed by more than 14.6 times, nearly two The monthly invoices are up to the new one.

Ming Qiaohui had a good atmosphere in the market yesterday, and many buyers finally sprinted into the ticket for subscription

Tsing Yi District has not sold new private residential projects for nearly 15 years. Since the announcement of the price, the response has been enthusiastic. The market estimates that there will be a chance to clear up the units to be sold tomorrow. It is expected that the developers will immediately push the units to the market and will start a new round of sales next week. According to the data, the first price list of the market was launched 156, the average price was 14,813 yuan, and the admission fee for one-bedroom households was 4.321 million yuan. The first three price lists involved a total of 388, and the average price was 15,290 yuan.

At the same time, China Overseas Development (00688)’s Tai Po Tian Diamond will sell 382 gangs this Saturday, and 123 people will start bidding on the same day. The Tuen Mun Evergrande, the first phase of Tsuen Wan, also sold 225 gangs today.

Love Haitang original price plus 88 people

There is also a new disk in the urban area to join the war group. Chang Shi Group (01113) Assistant Chief Manager (business) He Jiaxin said that Changsha Bay Aihaiyu sold 198 people as of yesterday afternoon, and cashed in about 1.96 billion yuan. The original price of the project is pushed by the price list on the 5th, providing 88 groups, including the most detailed area of ​​474 square meters and two-bedroom households. The actual price is 7.58.4 million yuan, the price is 16,000 yuan, and the average price of the whole batch is 17,521 yuan. .

The disc was sold in the third round on Saturday, with 112 of them on a first-come, first-served basis and 64 of them on sale. The plan discount increased to 2% in response to more buyers using construction payments.

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