Mingqiaohui intercepted 5,854 votes

The new insurance plan will drive the market sentiment

The developers are pushing the market at full speed. Among them, the Qingming Mingqiao, which was developed by the Jiaming Group, will sell 375 people in the first round tomorrow, and will cut the ticket yesterday. According to the news, the market intercepted more than 5,854 votes in a row, and the purchase was over 14.6 times. Among them, young users were the mainstay.

According to the district’s agents, the majority of the current number of in-persons are users, accounting for about 70%. Most of them are new generations of young passengers. If they are divided into districts, they are mainly from Kwai Tsing District and there is no Tsuen Wan. And tickets from Kowloon District. In addition, due to the lack of new supply in the district in the past 15 years, investors still optimistic about the potential of rent collection and entered the market, the proportion is about 30%.

Oversubscribed more than 14 times

The plate was opened in the Tsim Sha Tsui demonstration unit yesterday. As soon as it was seen in the afternoon, there were still many squatters who rushed to the ticket registration before the ticket was cut. The atmosphere was good. From time to time, the exhibition hall has an agent to actively attract customers, and the developer also sends staff to maintain order. According to the market, the market intercepted about 5,854 votes, with 375 buddies sold in the first round, oversubscribed approximately 14.6 times, and sold in the first round tomorrow.

The project added 154 pairs a day ago, and the average price was 15,847 yuan. After deducting the landscape and floor factors, the actual increase was 1.5%, and the area was 299 to 586 square meters. It was a 1 to 3 bedroom apartment with a discounted price of 4.492 million to 87.32 million. The discounted price is from 14108 to 17251 yuan. However, the first three price lists of the project were 388, and the discounted price ranged from 4.321 million to 8.96 million.

Young user-led

According to the sales arrangement, the order will be held today to determine the order of picking. The first round of sales will be 388 gangs tomorrow, among which 375 will be sold by price list. There is no big time, and each person is limited to 2 gangs; for the remaining 13 The partners are sold in the form of tenders, all of which are room A, 6 to 29, 2A, and 755 square meters.

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