The index refers to the momentum of the test 28000 points

The Sino-US trade talks continued to see good progress last weekend, which led to a sharp rise in the futures index

On the same day, the index futures trended upwards, opening 83 points higher (near the all-day low of 27228 points), the increase gradually expanded, the end of the market was once more 461 points, high to see 27609 points, the final futures after the last Friday and then close to the full daily high It rose 459 points and closed at 27,607 points.

Yesterday, although the index pointed to a maximum of 150 points in the early period, the low was 27457 points, but then resumed the uptrend, and once again rose 156 points in the afternoon, high to see 27763 points, and finally rose 78 points throughout the day, closing at 27,685 points.

The progress of Sino-US trade talks has continued to become the focus of the global market

After China and the United States announced a principled consensus on trade last weekend, in addition to the continued positive comments made by several major US officials, there have been many positive news in recent days.

First, US Secretary of Commerce Ross said that the exemption for the approval of US companies to sell telecommunications equipment components to Huawei will be issued in the short term, so that the market once again in the United States may relax restrictions on Huawei in the future

In addition, there were also reports yesterday that the US side is studying that, in addition to canceling the tariff increase measures originally scheduled to be implemented on December 15, it may further abolish the tariff increase measures that have been in force on September 1 in exchange for Chinese consent for two years. Buying $50 billion in agricultural products and opening up financial markets.

Although the above-mentioned considerations of the United States have not yet been finalized, the relevant news is sufficient to further deepen the market’s embarrassment of the gradual easing of the Sino-US trade situation.

After Chile announced the cancellation of the APEC summit last week, US President Trump recently said that he is studying multiple locations to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and sign the first phase of the trade agreement, which may be Iowa in the United States; The news said that China hopes that Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States will be part of the state visit. However, even if this visit to the United States is not a state visit, Xi Jinping is still open to signing the first phase of the trade agreement.

The above news reflects that China is willing to make more concessions in order to reach an agreement at this stage, in order to release greater sincerity to the US, and the market is expected to further improve the chances of success this month.

The pattern of the city’s ups and downs has turned into a unilateral market

At present, the progress of Sino-US trade talks continues to be good, although it is expected to be conducive to the investment climate of the global market, driving the Hong Kong stock market to continue to improve. However, we must also be careful that the good news related to the Sino-US trade talks has almost reached 7788 in recent days. In addition, Hong Kong stocks have rebounded by more than 1,000 points in the short period from last Wednesday. It is not excluded that there will be opportunities in the short-term market. After the high level, the first round of new trade-offs will be made after the first phase of the trade agreement has been implemented.

In terms of technology, the futures index closed with a white candle on Friday, breaking through the 27,000-point mark and the previous high of 27078 points. On Monday, the market took the rift and opened higher. Finally, it was able to close the market with a white candlestick, breaking through the mid-line important resistance of 27,387 points.

After nearly two days of market conditions, in addition to confirming that the futures index has broken above multiple resistance levels (especially the important resistance of the mid-line 27387 points), the daily difference in the MACD chart is widening, +DI in the DMI chart The gap with -DI has also begun to widen. In addition, the futures index has closed above the top of the Bollinger Band for two consecutive days. It not only reflects the trend of the short-term technical trend of the futures index, but also confirms that the current stage has been up and down. The city’s pattern has turned into a unilateral market.

At this stage, it is not advisable to deploy high positions.

Under the expectation of a short-term purchasing power, the index futures will continue to move upwards towards the 28000 to 28100 range. On the contrary, even if the futures index is delayed in the short-term, as long as there is no 27387 points, or even fully compensate for the rising gap on Monday (27150 points) At the point of 27228, the rising trend of the futures index remains unchanged.

In terms of strategy, the previously deployed monthly price of 800 to 1000 points should have been fully liquidated on Monday as previously recommended. After all, the index has accumulated a lot of increase in recent days. Therefore, it is not recommended to deploy a long position at this stage. On the contrary, it should be continued. If the index is adjusted back to 27,400 points downstairs, it will be considered to be a small note. Point Long Call.

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