Uncle Bo’s money is twisted and twisted

The Financial Secretary, surnamed Chen Mingmao, and the nickname of Bo Shu, should theoretically be a good person. In fact, it is a twist and a twist

The “Caring and Sharing Scheme", which sent 4,000 yuan, accepted the application for 8 months. The money has not been sent out, and even a big joke has to be made. A Government spokesman pointed out yesterday that the Occupational Family Allowance Office (the Employment Division) received about 3.47 million applications. Of these, 12,000 applications have been confirmed, but they have not been recovered. Because it is mixed with other processed application forms, it is temporarily unable to continue approval.

More than 10,000 applications for mud cows into the sea, is it good? A government spokesman said that the department will re-examine the possession form to find out the unfinished application form. If it is not found, it will follow up with the affected applicants and inform the privacy of the personal data. Commissioner’s Office.

The money-making program has a lot of twists and turns. In fact, it dates back to the end of February 2018, that is, 19 months ago

At that time, Chen Maobo’s publication of the “Financial Budget" was criticized. The government clearly had a huge surplus, but it was not enough to repay the people. Ever since, Uncle Bo decided to make up for it. In March last year, he launched the “Caring Sharing Scheme" to ensure that everyone received a gift of 4,000 yuan.

However, the subsidy scheme is still a good thing, because there are many restrictions on the eligibility criteria, such as the need to pay salaries tax. For example, if there is no property under the name, and then for example, it is not a beneficiary of social welfare benefits. All in all, if you want to get 4,000 yuan in full, the difficulty is higher than the unscrupulous boss to get a raise, some people wait until the end of the result is to receive a few mosquitoes, even the postage of the application form is buried.

After forty-nine years ago, I was tossed for 19 months. When I was about to pull the box at the tail of the shed, I broke the 12,000 application form of the oolong to the extreme

So, isn’t the uncle of Bo Shu a big deal? As the saying goes, the house leaks are more connected to the night rain. The original intention of sending money is to relieve the public grievances. On June 9 this year, the wave of anti-reform demonstrations began to be shocked. The 4,000 yuan in the district did not help, not to mention the fact that some people received less and some people. The text has not been received so far.

The protesters continued to be shocked, and the government’s popularity was plunging, but the huge surplus was not damaged. Therefore, there were extremely smart politicians who offered to Lin Zheng, and suggested that the new “Policy Report" to be announced would be announced again. For example, everyone is given a 10,000 yuan to make the people who are bitter and sullen.

The bridge is afraid of the old, and the most important thing is to accept it. Is it possible to continue to send money to stop the violence? Not to mention whether economic incentives deal with political issues, whether the bulls are not arrogant, and the bureaucratic performance of the past 19 months alone, even if the 2019 “Policy Report" announced the payment of money, I am afraid that until 2021, there will be money, it must be The hell test of human patience. The demonstrators are now angered and burned. If the cooling measures are taken after the year, they will not be laughed at.

Of course, special events can be handled specially, and urgent things can be done urgently. If the government has the heart, the speed of the turtle can also change its speed of light. The question is, will it be more urgent to lose a lot of application forms in a hurry? For such doubts, the prince of food, the sorrow of the prince, Bo Shu is best to tell Lin Zheng clearly, the most taboo of the riots is to add trouble.

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