Provide more space for art exhibitions

Insufficient exhibition space" is a difficult problem that Hong Kong’s art development has always faced

Yang Liyao was interviewed by the Ta Kung Pao reporter at the exhibition site. She said: Father Yang Sunxi loves culture and art. He also traveled to Wuyi Mountain with a group of Hong Kong artists last year to exchange artistic ideas.

Yang Liyao said that as the existing leases expire in the next two or three years, the original rental unit will be repossessed and the building will be transformed into an art space

I hope that there will be traditional culture such as piano, calligraphy, poetry, tea and tea. Provide art venues for different types of art groups.

The building is located in Kwun Tong and not far from the MTR station

At the same time, it has sufficient space. The exhibition space of “Hong Kong, Huangshan Huitianxia" has more than 10,000 square meters and can provide a longer exhibition period for the exhibition. She hopes to provide more space for Hong Kong’s culture and art through the renovation and renovation project.

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