MTR pushes the city 12 phase into the main supply

In the face of tight land supply, the number of residential launches in the sale of land in the next quarter is quite limited

The focus is on the MTR. The 12th phase of the Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cancun project will be tendered in the next quarter, involving about two thousand people. Continue to be the main force of land supply.

The Government announced yesterday that the land sales plan for the next quarter is one of the “biggest" in the market

The 12th phase of the MTR Sunrise Cancun project will be tendered in the next quarter. It is estimated that about 2,000 units will be provided. The project is located at sunrise. The large shopping mall in Cannes is on the west side of the building and consists of three buildings.

In recent years, the development of Kangcheng has become more mature, and it is expected that many developers will enter the bidding when it is launched. The comprehensive market valuation is about 5.7 billion to 6.7 billion yuan. The floor price of the building is about 6,000 to 7,000 yuan.

Can build about two thousand

Lin Haowen, executive director of Rating Square and director of valuation and consulting department, said that there is not much land supply in the next quarter, but I believe that the supply of housing in the next three to four years will be sufficient and meet the standards. However, the housing supply after the 2012 and 23 years will be a big question mark. Under current market conditions, economic and government policies, it is estimated that developers will be “more careful and conservative" in buying land, especially in commercial areas where they cannot be sold. In respect of property prices, it is estimated that property prices will be lowered by about 5% in the coming months. In the full year, there will be a steady or slight increase.

Chen Chaoguo, managing director of Savills Valuation and Professional Consultant, believes that the project is a large-scale project on the MTR. For developers, it is a “strategic place for the military," but the market is under pressure from a number of negative factors. It has also recorded the Kai Tak commercial land flow incident earlier, which proves that the developer’s investment in the land is prudent and conservative. Therefore, it is predicted that the land price will continue to be under pressure, which is expected to fall by about 10% compared with the middle of the year.

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