MTR to small merchants temporary rent adjustment

The MTR (00066) recently described its operations as facing unprecedented challenges

The railway property caps and the merchants in the station were also implicated. The protesters also pointed out that the demonstrators targeted the MTR merchants and appealed to the public to buy them. pressure. Regarding whether it will provide relief measures for commercial tenants, the MTR responded yesterday that merchants are not immune to the impact of the current environment, but to varying degrees. Therefore, they have first provided temporary rent adjustments for some small businesses that are affected by some businesses. The plan will later review the extension of rent adjustments in response to environmental changes.

Individual treatment according to the degree of influence

MTR said that many railway property caps and merchants in the station are multi-year partners. They are deeply aware of their operational pressures. They will assess the nature, scale and extent of the business impact of the merchants and formulate different forms of plans to help the merchants tide over the difficulties. The MTR is actively collecting operational data from its shopping centres and will maintain close communication with the traders to provide appropriate relief measures in response to individual circumstances.

Half a month ago, the MTR has said that due to the different impacts of different industries, it is further collecting the operational data of the shopping malls. It will formulate appropriate response measures in accordance with the nature and scale of the business of individual merchants and tide over the difficulties with the merchants. Maintain close contact and communication with merchants and handle them independently for individual merchants.

The MTR, which was listed in 2000, still holds 75.48% of the shares of the SAR Government. Independent website commentator David Webb pointed out on the social platform yesterday that the MTR prospectus was searched for, which clearly stated that “the government can impose significant The impact motivates the company to make decisions that do not necessarily meet the best interests of the company or other shareholders, modify its business scope or impose any new responsibilities on the company."

The exhibition is developing relief measures

In addition, Link Show (00823) pointed out that its retailers are mainly serving the residents of the districts in the district. The business performance is relatively stable. During the period from June to September, the turnover of the merchants increased slightly. In some days, the operation of certain shopping malls has been suspended due to public activities. For example, the T.O.P and Wong Tai Sin Centres in Mong Kok are actively collecting information on the operation of the shopping centres and formulating proposals. It is hoped that the affected tenants will be provided with relief measures as soon as possible.

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