According to Baosong tied multiple channels to raise the first period

The “Policy Report" announced that in the relaxation of the mortgage insurance scheme, the upper limit of the 90% mortgage rate doubled to $8 million, and then there was a second-hand price increase and closure

The Secretary for Transport and Housing, Mr Chan, stressed that the property market is affected by various factors. The relaxation measures are not the decisive factor affecting property prices. The company has considered the risk factors and made professional judgments when considering the increase of the building ceiling. Appeal to the public to do what they want.

When the Secretary for Transport and Housing, Mrs Chan, was interviewed at the press conference yesterday, she was repeatedly asked about the current high property prices

The Government has relaxed the ceiling on the mortgage price of the mortgage companies. He said that no one has a crystal ball to know the direction of the property market. Since most of the purchasers are the biggest investment in their lives, the government has never said when citizens should enter the market to buy a building.

Attractive rental

As for raising the upper limit of mortgage loans, he said that some young people with relatively high incomes will have a greater burden on the first phase. This will provide the public with one more channel to raise the first phase of funding. Does the public choose this channel and choose the right time? The purchase of residential units varies from person to person.

If the certification company announces that it fails to meet the stress test, the buyer can still apply for a maximum of 80% or 90% of the mortgage loan. The premium will be adjusted according to the risk factor. The relevant practice is questioned whether it will be the most difficult to bear the risk. The family “pushed into the car", Chen Fan responded that the current repayment amount cannot exceed half of the applicant’s income, and the premiums will vary according to the repayment ability. The emphasis is on the professional judgment decision made by the certificate company. Mechanism changes can be viewed from different angles and directions. There should be no guess as to whether there is any motivation. The measures are only for the different demands of the mortgage market.

Chen Fan said that the housing is a deep-seated problem. The Government has tried its best to solve the problem. Before the long-term measures are put in place, short-term and medium-term measures will be introduced, including the sale of about 42,000 unsold flats in the existing “rental" estates. He pointed out that at present, more than 3,000 rented housing estate households purchase flats each year, reflecting certain attractiveness. He said that the current “rental" flats range from $1,000 to $2,000 each. The future specific concessions and selling prices should be studied by the Housing Authority. He also said that the Government hopes to help those in need through the rent subsidy. However, it will take time to study how it can be implemented. In the future, it will consider the tenancy control measures. The “One-off Living

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