National Day holiday new sales fell 99% year-on-year

Yesterday, during the National Day holiday, there were fierce violent clashes in many districts in Hong Kong, and the social atmosphere was extremely bad

In addition, there was no new market to launch sales, which caused the sales of this year’s National Day holiday to be greatly reduced. The transaction was compared with last year’s “10.1″ National Day holiday and the first round of the 347-day squad of the new home of the Vanke (home ownership) in Tuen Mun. A sharp drop of 99%.

Proud of the two groups of gold sucking 74.03 million

Yesterday, more transactions were recorded. For the New World (0017), the Sai Kung Pride, which has already been built, has more than $74.30 million in cash. The units sold include Room P1, Block F, with a saleable area of ​​2,637 square feet. The top-level duplex special households adopt 4 rooms, 354 platform and 629 square platform. The transaction price is 63.497 million yuan, and the actual price is 24079 yuan. The other sold unit is 1 underground D room, which is a practical area of ​​423 square meters. Interval, the transaction price was 105.41 million yuan, and the actual price was 24,920 yuan.

Proudly sold 626 gangs since the mid-2017 sale, together with parking spaces of over $17.6 billion

In addition, Hengdi (0012) led the development of Maanshan Yinghai Phase 4 Yinghai Junan, and also sold 7 Blocks, 15th Floor, Room A, with a usable area of ​​1453 square feet, which is a 4 bedroom double set interval, unit price is 27.574 million yuan. If the maximum discount of 5% is deducted, the discounted price is 26.195 million yuan, which is 18028 yuan.

In the report, a total of about 13 cases were recorded in the major new flats in September. The number of cases was about 18 in August. It was reduced by 5 or 28% in a month. According to the transaction record, the unit is a 32-story G room, which is a 442-square-room 2-room flat. It was originally sold at the end of September at 8.936 million yuan. Buyers have recently cancelled the transaction. It is expected that the developer will confiscate 5% deposit. Involved in about 450,000 yuan.

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