526 groups of new buildings completed in July fell more than 70% on a monthly basis

The Government has accelerated the launch of the land between 2012 and 2017

However, the supply of the new building has shown signs of “cannot be picked up". The latest data from the DPI shows that the number of private buildings completed in July was only 526, a decrease of 71% from the 1871 in June. It is a new low in the past four months; in the first seven months of this year, there are only 6,260 gangs, which is only 20,150 gangs, and only 30%.

The Department of Health and Welfare announced the completion of the new building. This shows that there were 526 people in July this year, which is more than 70% compared with the 1871 in June. It is also significantly lower than the 1347 in May. In the first seven months of this year, a total of 6260 people were collected. Compared with the government’s forecast of a total of 20415 people in the whole year, it is only 30%.

A total of 6,260 people in the first seven months

According to the breakdown of the households, among the more than 6,000 people in the first July, there are 431 parties in the following A-type households, a total of 3,740, accounting for about 60% of the total, followed by 432 to 752 square B households, a total of 836, accounting for The total is about 13%.

Zhang Zhichu, Managing Director of Yanliang Consulting and Evaluation, said that the completion of the first seven months is not ideal. The chances of meeting the annual target of the Office of Assessment are quite small. It is expected that the completion of private housing in 2019 will be insufficient. 12,000 people, the monthly completion of private housing in the short term will be reduced by month.

Commercial building sales index rose in July

Looking at the recent slowdown in the sales of the developers, the number of new tickets has slowed down and the property prices have obviously adjusted. Developers will also consider the market conditions and reduce the number of flats. However, in the long run, when the number of private buildings is reduced, and the rigid demand is still strong, private property prices will rise and remain stable in the long run.

In addition, the Rating and Valuation Department also announced the office rental price index yesterday, showing that the July price index recorded 583.7 points, up 2.2% from June 571.3 points, while the rent index was reported at 265.7 points in July, up from 264.8 points in June. 0.3%.

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