New construction period payment increase

The Policy Address announced on Wednesday that it would raise the ceiling on mortgage insurance prices, but only purchase existing buildings and take effect immediately

Yesterday, the two new squadrons in West Kowloon confronted each other. Cheung Kong (01113) and the URA’s Sham Shui Po Building Project, which was developed in cooperation with the URA, sold 218 gangs in the first round. Some buyers used the construction period payment to complete the transaction in order to meet the new transaction. According to the insurance regulations, only the requirements of the existing building property can be purchased. SHKP (00016) Cheung Sha Wan, Nanchang Station, Changchee, has a third round of sales of 235 gangs on the same day. Some buyers have indicated that they will apply for the first home insurance. However, the two new disc sales were not significantly driven by the new policy, only 50% to 60% of the units available for sale, a total of about 218 people. In addition, there has been a sharp increase in the turnover of new orders, and the number of buyers entering the market during the construction period has increased significantly.

Aihaiwei is the first new project to be launched after the publication of the Policy Address. The sales office at the Hung Hom Fortune Plaza Shopping Centre has been approved by the major buyers at 9:30 am yesterday. The developer has first conducted a large-scale purchase group. Lottery and picking up the building. Cheung Kwok-hung, executive director of Cheung Kong, said that the “Policy Report" raised the ceiling for the first home insurance price. Aihaiwei had buyers who disclosed that it would use construction payment. Yesterday, the project sales did not directly benefit, and the second round of sales will be in line with government policies. . A total of 21 gangs were sold in the project group, the largest hand was a family guest, belonging to 3 family groups, and a total of 4 groups were purchased, involving about 57 million yuan.

Aihai sells 110 people, and the price increases by 1%

Ms. Li, who lives in Kwun Tong, believes that the relaxation of the insurance will help the market, and that the price of Aihai is flat. The purchase of two-bedroom households with more than 9 million yuan will be based on the construction payment method and will consider whether or not to adopt the insurance.

Zhao Guoxiong pointed out that the relaxation of the first home insurance will help the social stability and describe the measures to be “timely rain" for the property market. It is believed that the volume of transactions will increase, and the impact on property prices will be limited. There is no fear that the second-hand market will steal new purchasing power. Aihaiyu will make the second round of sales as soon as next week. The developer will re-issue the price list and raise the price of 100 people on the price list by 1%. The news said that about 110 people (50.5%) were sold yesterday.

The third round of sales of Huijing III sold 60%

launched 235 gang, of which 178 were sold in the form of a price list. The sales office was located in the first phase of the Central International Financial Center. The market refers to about 108 gangs (60.7%) in total, but the sales in the first two rounds have achieved near-clear results, and sales have slowed significantly.

The government’s relaxation has greatly echoed the insurance, which has transformed the buyer’s mentality into the market. Chen Yongjie, vice chairman of the Central Asia Pacific Region, expects that the proportion of buyers using construction pay will increase to more than 10%, and can apply for new insurance to reduce the initial expenditure; Bu Shaoming, the chief executive of the residential department, also shared the same view. About 10% of the bank’s Aihaibu buyers switched to the construction payment method.

Other first-hand properties were also driven by the news of the relaxation of insurance, and many buyers chose the construction payment plan, including Kwong Tai Tak-shang, which was jointly developed by KWG (01813) and Longhu (00960). On the day of the announcement of the Policy Address, 14 groups were sold, a 3.7-fold increase from the previous day. Among them, 12 buyers chose construction payment.

At present, most of the new construction methods provided by the new flats are only required to pay 10% to 15% of the property price to “end to the end". However, it is necessary to pay attention to the relatively high price paid for the construction period payment. If you use the new insurance, you will also be required to pay additional premiums.

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