New disk low open to grab second-hand customers

After the policy address, a number of new discs were actively deployed for sale, and a new disc was launched at a glance

Among them, a new disc of Tsing Yi attacked with a low market price, arguing that the horses and horses grabbed second-hand customers.

Low second-hand market price 15% attack

The average price of the MTR and the adjacent indicator estates in the Tsing Yi District is about 17,000. The private housing estates and the subsidised HOS flats which are 10 minutes away from the MTR are at a price of 14,000 and 12,000 respectively. . This new project has a low second-hand market price of 15% and an average of RMB 14,800 per square. In order to attract customers from all walks of life, the project has immediately become the focus of the market. It is particularly attractive because it has not been sold in the region for 15 years. It is the best choice for people who like newcomers in the district. The visits were very lively yesterday, including the riders and the changers, and the younger passengers and families.

Market sentiment is activated

After the policy address, the property market is obviously active. In the past, 2 households were bought. It takes 2 million to more than 3 million first-time loans. Many of the landlords who have actual needs, even if they have rich income and stability, are limited to the first period. The dream of a change of building is now greatly reduced in the first phase, and the number of people who have the ability to buy a building has increased significantly. The second-hand market was activated, the property market improved, and the developer Miyue Department sold new properties, and accelerated the sale of surplus goods. The new disk receipts responded well and quickly recorded over-purchase. The overall market sentiment was quiet before the 10th. The obvious difference.

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