The new disk will be paid for the honeymoon period

The new disk will be paid for the honeymoon period.

In recent years, many new projects have attracted customers to launch a non-stress test mortgage scheme, which is commonly known as the “breathing plan". However, it is planned to double the amount of contributions after the “service honeymoon period". Some owners will rush out of the unit during the period. Profits leave.

The so-called “breathing Plan" means that as long as the buyer “has a breath", it is not necessary to pass a stress test or submit proof of income. The developer will award a high-yield one-click and two-in-one loan discount.

In recent days, there have been cases in which the market has been sold for three years. Among them, Tuen Mun is full of mountains. In May 2016, investors selected the “1838 One Click" scheme provided by the developer to purchase a full-floor Middle G room. It is a 444-square-foot 1-bedroom home. The property price was 5.139 million yuan and the price was 11,574 yuan.

According to the price list of the project, the “1838 One Click" scheme can borrow up to 80% of the property price, exempting interest for the first year, and the second to third year is calculated by the HSBC Best Rate (P = 5.125%) minus 4%. 4 to 5 years are calculated in P.

Low interest period, interest expense 3.6 times

Based on the above units, the property price of 80% is about 4.11 million yuan, interest-free in the first year, and the monthly interest payment for the second to third year is about 3,854 yuan. However, since the fourth year, the preferential interest rate period has passed, so The monthly interest expense rose sharply to 17,558 yuan, about 3.6 times higher than the second to third year.

At the end of May this year, the owner will reduce the price of the unit before the expiration of the 3-year interest period. The original price of the owner was 5.68 million yuan, and the final price reduction was about 100,000 yuan. The price was about 5.58 million yuan, the price was about 12,568 yuan, and the book profit was about 441,000 yuan.

Looking at the first-hand transaction record of the project, about 600 units in the estate have adopted the “1838 One Click" scheme. I believe that the future sale of flats by owners will increase. In the same period of 2016, the new disk project was launched to meet the needs of buyers. The high-margin mortgage plan is also used to attract customers. With the low-interest honeymoon period of such plans, many buyers have the opportunity to sell. In the hands of the unit, first profit and leave.

The high-volume mortgage schemes are directly provided by the finance companies of the developer. As they do not involve bank approvals, developers can customize the approval criteria to help buyers not need proof of income and no need for stress testing to obtain mortgage loans. The home is easy to enter the market with a low initial period.

If the bank is re-submitted, the first difference will be replenished.

In addition to reselling flats during the concession period, the purchasers can also choose to re-subscribe flats. Only 80% of the developers will be re-submitted to the bank to apply for a 60% mortgage. In principle, the owners must repay the first installment of 20% of the property price. Re-press.

However, there has been a certain increase in property prices since 2016. Some owners are now able to re-value their properties. The increase in valuations can increase the amount of mortgages that can be re-submitted. It is expected to be reduced. There are even developers who have no need to pay the first installment balance when they switch.