New ideas for investment in Dawan District Double the return on parking space investment for 3 years

New ideas for investment in Dawan District Double the return on parking space investment for 3 years

The growing urban development of the Greater Bay Area has also brought many investment opportunities to the people of Hong Kong. Buying in the Dawan District is an unmistakable choice, but restrictions on purchases and social security requirements that require a certain number of years of restrictions have imposed restrictions on many Hong Kong residents. This time, we will bring new ideas to the people of Hong Kong. The parking spaces in the Dawan District will become the new investors in the future. Hong Kong Commercial Daily reporter Fan Xiaoyu

According to statistics, in 2008, the number of vehicles sold in the mainland was about 8 million, and by 2018 it had risen to about 28 million. The demand for automobiles continued to expand, but the number of parking lots in the Mainland could not keep up with the increase of cars. The proportion of parking spaces in the general community in the Mainland was close to 0.8. That is, 100 units are allocated with 80 parking spaces, and there is a certain potential for appreciation of the parking spaces in the case of shortage of supply. Cao Jingchang, the chairman of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau-Australia Economic and Trade Association and the managing director of Jingbo Bank, said that in the Dawan District, Guangzhou, Foshan and other first- and second-tier cities with high-end industrial structure will continue to increase their asset appreciation. He is optimistic about the parking space in Dawan District.

Guangzhou parking space within two years or exceeded one million

In the context of imbalanced supply and demand, the price of parking spaces in the Dawan District has risen by more than 30% per year in the past three years. Take Guangzhou Baiyun District as an example. In 2016, the average price of parking spaces in this area was 200,000 yuan (RMB, the same below), and in 2018 it increased to 350,000 yuan, an increase of 75%. Cao Jingchang continued, the current average price of parking spaces in Guangzhou is about 500,000 yuan, still at a low water level. It is expected to double at least double in the next two years, breaking through the 1 million yuan mark.

Fan Weichao, senior manager of the investment department of Jingbo Bank, said that in addition to Guangzhou, Foshan parking spaces are worth investing and have greater potential. Fan Weichao pointed out that the Guangzhou Metro plan is relatively mature, and Foshan currently only opens a subway line, private cars become a necessity, so the demand for parking spaces will also become larger and larger. He continued to point out that the current average price of Foshan parking spaces can reach about 300,000 yuan. In terms of rent, Fan Weichao said that the average rent for parking spaces in Guangzhou is 800 to 1,200 yuan, and that in Zhujiang New Town can reach 1,600 yuan; the average rent for Foshan parking spaces is 400 to 700 yuan.

Large charging space for appreciation

Compared to ordinary parking spaces, charging parking spaces have a greater appreciation potential. Cao Jingchang pointed out that the charging parking space will be very popular in the future. The mainland is vigorously developing new energy electric vehicles, and there are restrictions on restrictions on the driving of new energy vehicles in China, such as restrictions and restrictions. There are also state subsidies and tax concessions. Therefore, the number of new energy vehicles is expected. It is bound to rise rapidly. It is expected that the number of new energy vehicles will be equal to the number of fuel vehicles after five years, and the future parking spaces must have a charging function.

Cao Jingchang continued. At present, due to the limitation of power supply, the coverage of charging parking spaces in general parking spaces is about 10% to 15%, and plans to reach 30% in the next two years. The number is very popular. Cao Jingchang explained that after investors buy a parking space with a charging device, they need to report to the local property management bureau and other departments to install the “charging pile". However, the number of parking spaces approved for installation is limited, so it is “first come, first served". He expects that the appreciation space of the charging parking space will be higher than the ordinary parking space, and the selling price will reach at least 30% to 50% growth within 3 years.

Investment parking space

So which area of ​​the parking space is easy to appreciate? Which area of ​​the parking space is easy to “step on the thunder"? Fan Weichao suggested that parking space investment is preferred to large residential areas close to the city center, because the parking spaces in the area are more “just needed” for the owners; in addition, try not to choose a community close to the subway or subway, and the convenient public transportation layout may replace the owners. The need for a private car. As for the entry threshold, he pointed out that the average parking space price accepted by the general owner is about 5% to 10% of the property price. Below this level, there is room for appreciation. If the parking space is higher than 15% of the property price of the community, the price is close. At the top, there is little potential for appreciation.

So is it cumbersome for Hong Kong people to invest in local parking spaces? Cao Jingchang said that after Hong Kong people choose the right parking space, the first step is to pay the deposit and sign the subscription documents, and then pay the full amount within 7 days. The second step is to take the hometown permit to the local tax bureau for deed tax declaration and online signing. The contract will be paid and transferred to the tax bureau after 10 working days; finally, the real estate license will be obtained after 7 working days. Cao Jingchang said that the deed tax is generally 3% of the parking price.

Cao Jingchang said that if Hong Kong people do not have time to go through the formalities, they can be entrusted by the Hong Kong Law Firm to authorize the Mainland to handle the agency. The company can accept the procedures including the network signing, licensing, taxation, rental and charge charging. He continued to refer to more than 300 Hong Kong people who have invested in the parking space investment business. Up to one investor has purchased 30 parking spaces, and the youngest investor is 18 years old.