On the first day, the search for new insurance will double the number of insurance companies, and the transfer of developers will be based on the “governance" to relax the mortgage

After the announcement of the immediate relaxation of the mortgage in the “Policy Report", the first time home buyers can purchase up to $8 million in the maximum number of mortgages

The majority of the public are looking for new mortgages from banks and mortgage brokers. Doubled from the usual. According to the industry, customers are mainly asked whether they can transfer high-value mortgage loans from developers or whether they can apply for new mortgages.

A BOC Hong Kong (2388) spokesperson said that since the launch of the new insurance plan, the bank has received many customer enquiries, mainly about the contents of the new project and the customers who have applied for mortgage loans to transfer to the new insurance plan. The specific arrangement. For customers who have applied for loans that have not yet been withdrawn, if they meet the new insurance requirements, they can apply to transfer to the new insurance policy, and BOC will handle the latest mortgage conditions. In addition, Hang Seng (011) also refers to more customer inquiries in the past two days.

According to Zhuang Jinhui, CEO of Star Valley Mortgage Referral, compared with the previous few weeks, the company has doubled the number of customer enquiries received by the company on the first day of the insurance policy. The customers mainly pay attention to the details of whether the new insurance can be re-exported.

40% of customers changed to apply for new insurance

He said that customers can use the new insurance plan to transfer the developer’s high interest rate to the target, and reduce the interest rate of the part of the loan from more than 5% to 2.625%. He reminded customers to apply for new insurance policies. It is necessary to pay attention to the time required for the application process. As some of the major banks have already dealt with the mortgage applications for loans during the year, and after the new insurance is released, many customers who have applied for mortgages will immediately turn. In the case of the application for a new insurance policy, the company will have 30% to 40% of the customers. This will slow down the progress of the mortgage application. It is therefore recommended that the first home buyers should strive for a longer period of at least 3 months for the sale and purchase of the building. I can catch up with the meeting and make a reservation. At the same time, although the new first-time holders who have not accepted the stress test can still borrow high-value mortgages, several large banks still tend to use stress tests to assess the applicant’s repayment ability. This is also the place that customers should pay attention to. .

Wang Meifeng, senior vice president of Meridian Mortgage Referral and Wang Meifeng, managing director of Zhongyuan Mortgage Brokerage, also pointed out that there were many cases of inquiring about the new insurance by the company

One of the hot queries was whether the developer’s high-value mortgage loan could be re-subscribed. Both of them said that in view of the high interest rate of developers in the high-margin mortgage, customers can use the new mortgage-backed mortgage loans to reduce interest rates. In the past, the developer’s second interest rate will rise from 2% to P minus 1% to P after the first 2 or 3 years. The actual interest rate is 4.125% to 5.125%, which is much higher than that of the current general bank. The actual interest rate is 2.625%.

Some bankers admit that although the HKMA went to the industry on Wednesday to agree to the new insurance policy, first-time holders who did not comply with the pressure test could apply for a high-value mortgage loan, as long as the premium was paid, but the bank itself should also evaluate Risks, so the surface will cooperate with the Bureau, but there will still be some checkpoints behind it, depending on the customer’s credit rating and industry to decide whether to

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