New investment immigration policy in the United States

New investment immigration policy in the United States

In recent years, the number of Hong Kong immigrants has increased. In general, the ultimate goal is to pave the way for children to spend more than 90%. I believe that everyone will consider various aspects of their family, such as the timing of immigration and immigration policy. The “stability", the “cost-effectiveness" of immigration and various details to be noted. Because the US investment immigrants are about to increase their prices substantially, this special edition will highlight the changes that American immigrants are about to usher in, so that everyone can set up their own plans as soon as possible.

What is the “time"? Cui Weihui, director of immigration consultants of Zhongyuan, explained: “I generally recommend that guests consider their ideal immigration country and the time when they are most suitable for their family, and whether they still allow me to immigrate to the country. Because in recent years, countries The tightening of immigration policies has made the latter more and more important. It used to be easy to immigrate to Australia and Canada in the past 2 to 3 million Hong Kong dollars, but now it is very difficult for very wealthy guests to immigrate to these two countries because The local Chinese population already accounts for too much of the country’s population. The government will use different methods to limit the number of immigrants from time to time. Therefore, the “best opportunity” for each family is different. It is necessary to consult different immigration consultants based on their own situation and suggestions. Find the best contract."

The “time" for immigrating to the United States?

Cui Weihui continued to point out: “The US investment immigration is in the stage of sharply tightening policies. The Office of Management and Budget has completed the review of the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Modernization on June 27. It does not involve changes in the law. It is only an administrative policy change. Therefore, all that remains is to wait for the final policy content to be announced. With reference to the recommendations in the reform report of the same name published on January 13, 2017, the TEA-qualified project can be obtained. The investment will increase from US$500,000 to US$1.35 million, and non-TEA-qualified projects will increase from US$1 million to US$1.8 million. DHS (Department of Homeland Security) will withdraw the approval of TEA qualifications in the future. It will be approved by the state government. In other words, projects in downtown New York and Los Angeles may not qualify for TEA, and projects that want to invest in a robust project are likely to rise to $1.8 million."

The “risk” of investing in immigrants?

When considering immigration, you must accept the fact that there must be costs, including money and time, and risk tolerance. Cui Weihui went on to say: “Continue to take US immigrants as an example. The projects that can be invested in the market are almost all real estate projects. The risk assessment must first consider the project location. Now you can invest in the downtown projects of major US cities, for example, the project “45 Broad Street is located in the prime location of downtown Manhattan, New York, only about 200 meters from the New York Stock Exchange. It has already started construction and obtained bank financing. It is also a real estate project developed by Hong Kong listed companies in the US. The listed company has annual reports every year. There are also offices in Hong Kong where customers can get a first-hand look at the operation of their company. The risk of such projects is relatively low. However, the investment risk is low, which means that the return on investment is almost zero. In the application process, it is possible every year for 4 to 5 years. If you earn 4 to 5% of the blue chip interest, plus the cost of the application process, about $90,000, you need to prepare about $600,000 to start the immigration program."

Is it beneficial to pay these costs? It can provide an excellent platform for children’s development, and can help their children in high-tech subjects in the United States (no permanent status can not read), providing a better platform for their future (70% of the world’s richest people from the United States) ), a family member can obtain immigration to the United States for three generations. Is this a good benefit or is still not good? Different people will have different interpretations. Of course, taxation is also the most important part of US immigration. Of course, how to make the best arrangements requires consultation with qualified tax consultants. However, from the thousands to tens of thousands of people who immigrate to the United States each year, as long as they find a suitable solution, they do not have to Excessive anxiety, at least you should know more and understand as early as possible.

There must be a lot of “risks” in the immigration process. Immigration consultants may not be able to provide solutions to all problems, but if you find a reliable immigration consultant to consult, you can help yourself understand the details. The immigration plan must also be based on the situation of each applicant. In particular, the investment immigration process should understand the pros and cons, so as not to waste money and get the identity you want (permanent residence or passport), and have the opportunity to hope further and broadly. Readers share, readers can also consult different immigration consultants to compare each other.