New plate grabs 10 big housing estates for two days recorded 7 deals

A number of new flats were sold at the same time, which made the second-hand market quieter

On the past Saturday and Sunday, the top 10 blue-chip housing estates were still in the unit number, with 7 transactions, of which 4 were zero. The agent expects that there will be a number of new launches in the third quarter, which will become the focus of the market. Second-hand trading is expected to continue to rise and fall in a narrow range.

In the past, the turnover of the 10 major housing estates on Saturday and Sunday was still in a downturn

The Central Plains property recorded 7 transactions, which rose by 40% on a weekly basis. Among them, 4 estates recorded zero transactions; the United States property recorded 8 transactions, which was doubled by the week. In the two-week period, there were 6 cases in Lijiage Real Estate, which was 20% higher than the previous week. Hong Kong property records recorded 4 transactions, which doubled in weekly. (Note: There are differences between the top 4 and the 10 major housing estates).

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland Real Estate, said that the second-hand disk is limited, and there are a number of new disk deployments in the third quarter. Unless the peripheral reproduction changes, second-hand transactions continue to fall in a narrow range; Central Plains Real Estate Asia Pacific Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential department, believes that the US interest rate cuts will be great in July, and banks in Hong Kong will have the opportunity to follow up. As of the end of the month, the treasury will gradually return to the second-hand market, and it is expected that the trading volume will have a chance to rebound.

Taikoo City temporarily 9 cases Super June full month

Although the second-hand property price index of Centaline Property has fallen for two consecutive weeks, the number of second-hand trading cases recorded in the market is still at a high level. For example, the Taikoo Shing in Quarry Bay has temporarily recorded 9 transactions since July, which has exceeded the level of 8 in June. Among them, the lower floor H room of Tanggong Pavilion has a practical area of ​​489 square feet, with a change of RMB 11.15 million and a price of RMB 20,757.

Secondly, Tianhuwei Jiahu Villa recorded a total of two transactions on weekends. Among them, Lehuju has 10 middle-floor A rooms with a practical area of ​​636 square feet. It looks like a long-distance vision. It just changed hands with 6.938 million yuan, and the average practical price is 10,908 yuan. Similar units have a high price for nearly three months. The original owner bought the unit for 3.15 million yuan in November 2012, and the profit for the 7-year book held was 3.788 million yuan, an appreciation of about 1.2 times.

In addition, the high-rise room A, No. 19, Broadway Street, Phase 1, Meifu New Village, Lai Chi Kok, has a saleable area of ​​454 square feet. It was received by the outside passengers for $6.55 million. The practical price was about 14,427 yuan. The original owner purchased the site in May 2014 for 4.29 million yuan, and the turnover of the book was 2.26 million yuan.

Amoy 390 high to see 6.708 million

As for small and medium-sized units, the 1st floor of Block C of Amoy Gardens, Ngau Tau Kok, has a saleable area of ​​390 square feet, with a change of $6.708 million and a practical price of $17,200. Bao Yunzhong, assistant division manager of Lijiage Real Estate, pointed out that the price broke the second floor of the second floor of Block A at the beginning of the month. The same utility area was 390 square feet, and the record price of 6.69 million yuan became the second highest turnover in the first to third phases.

In addition to high-priced transactions, the market recorded more than the bank valuation transactions, including the high-rise room D of the 5th floor of Shatian Binjing Garden, with a usable area of ​​401 square feet, and a 2-bedroom horse scene, which was sold at 7.13 million yuan. The bank’s valuation is 6.83 million yuan and 300,000 yuan. It is obvious that buyers still have confidence in the property market prospects.

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