New plate slightly increased price to measure water temperature

The property market has returned from the middle of the month, and the purchasing power of the market has been suddenly released for many months

Not only did the second-hand trading be benefited, but the developers also took the fire to speed up the push. Taking this week as an example, there were two new discs in the first round. For sale, this situation has been rare in the past four months, and the units sold are close to a thousand, reflecting that developers are confident in the market. Moreover, with the new disk and some late goods, developers often push a slight increase in price to try to test the market.

Compressed invoice time

Recently, the new market has become more and more popular. The most obvious example is that many projects have been approved for more than a few months of pre-sales. Now that they have been hovers, they have started to sell through the recent easing of the property market. As developers are already ready, This includes understanding the market conditions in the same district through the agent and making considerable preparations for the depositors. Therefore, after the price is opened, the time for compressing the invoices will be within one week, and the opening date will be implemented immediately.

Not expected to scare off buyers

Among them, some new discs were sold at the low market price for the first batch of units. The purpose was naturally to break through in the new discs and focus on the buyer’s eyes. However, with the actual volume of the ticket, many new discs have been slightly raised. In particular, some small units with lower total prices, developers to push the price increase by one to two percentage points, the rate is not high, but it will help bring the attention of the project, can test the market’s ability to undertake, and will not Intimidating buyers, in the property market stabilization period, this trick often becomes the developer’s habit.

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