A number of “new leaks" in the New Territories are not declared

He Junyi declared to the Legislative Council to hold a property in Tuen Mun District

However, he has repeatedly been exposed to his personal or family, holding land in different locations, and has been questioned for not making a declaration of interest.

Three brothers hold the ground near the high stadium

He Junyi was revealed last year that the family owned the land of the New Territories Flood Bridge, but it was not declared in the Legislative Council. At that time, the Legislative Council was discussing the development plan of Hung Shui Kiu. He Junyi asked how the Government would assist the affected brownfield operations to continue operations and ensure the development of urban and rural areas. Later, the media found that He Junyi’s father’s estate management book included five agricultural land with Hung Shui Bridge, covering an area of ​​70,000 square feet, and his father had a half stake. He Junyi replied to his personal non-occupation of farmland rights, but did not explain the true distribution of the land.

He was twice in the Legislative Council against the withdrawal of the Fanling Golf Course

He was later exposed to hold about 120,000 square feet of farmland in the southwest of the golf course, but did not declare interest. The dozens of plots were purchased by his father in the name of “Bao Tong Loan Property Co., Ltd." in the early years. They were used as private farms with plantations, vegetable fields and fish ponds. The three brothers He Junzhu, He Junyi and He Junyi have served as directors of Baotong. This time, He Jun said that he was not concealing, or just “Oversight." Under the name of the company, there are three village-style development sites located in the village of Hangtou near the golf course and a total of 16,000 square meters.

In this newspaper, the family currently holds a number of properties, in addition to the two bungalows and vineyards in the Yuen Long California Garden, and the Discovery Bay Phase 4, Bi Tao Xuan and the Mid-Levels. All belong to the luxury class.

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