New World transmits 240 million sweeping ducks and old buildings in Pazhou

New World transmits 240 million sweeping ducks and old buildings in Pazhou

The old buildings in the urban area were sought after. An old building at the junction of Ping Yu Street and Ap Lei Chau Street in Ap Lei Chau was acquired by the consortium. It was recorded in 13 residential units and 3 shops. The total price was $237.6 million. For the New World (00017) and related parties.

According to the information of the Land Registry, there were two consecutive transactions at 26-32 Ap Lei Chau Street and 6/8 Ping Yi Street, Ap Lei Chau, including 13 residential flats. The transaction price ranged from 6.86 million to $22.309 million. Three transactions were made, with a price ranging from 25 million to 72 million yuan. The total transaction price of residential and land stores was about 237.6 million yuan.

The transaction was purchased by Xinghua Investment Co., Ltd., and the director is Zheng Rongcai, which means that he is a related person in the New World Department. The above-mentioned site area is about 3,980 square meters and is expected to be redeveloped into a residential project with a total floor area of ​​approximately 36,000 square feet. It is reported that the New World has acquired all the titles.

3M sells Victorian multi-family with 500 million

In addition, Room 7, 7th Floor, 5th Floor, 5th Floor, 5th Floor, 5th Floor, 3rd Floor, 3rd Floor, 3rd Floor, 3rd Floor, Victoria Road, North Point, North Point, North Point, with a turnover of 500 million yuan, total construction area of ​​46,241 square feet, price of about 10,813 yuan . The new buyer is Tin Hau Ventures Limited and the director is Khoo Foo Choy Mark, a Singaporean who has purchased several buildings and office buildings in the past.

According to the data, the original owner was a multinational company 3M, which was purchased in stages from 1979 to 2008. The total price was 59.153 million yuan, and the current book profit was 4.40841 billion yuan, an appreciation of about 7.5 times.