Mainland students rent a city 2 rooms Guiyi 14,000

Mainland students to come to Hong Kong students to rent the tide began to expand, there are urban universities in the first place in Shatin to rent a number of units, individual units rent a new high.

City of mainland students to rent more than 5 groups

The United States and the United States senior division business manager Weng Kaijie said that in the past Saturday and Sunday, there are many groups of mainland students to the first city of Shatin, one of the city of mainland students, that will rent more than five units, has been leased two units, For example, the first city of Shatin 46 high-rise D room, the practical area of ​​304 square feet, two rooms interval, the owners bid 14,500 yuan, 14 yuan after the bargain to rent out, $ 46 yuan, is a new unit of similar units Owners in 2010 to about 1.75 million yuan to purchase units, the rent back to 9.6%.

Weng Kaijie pointed out that this year the mainland students shot relatively generous last year, the past three to four people sharing a two-bedroom units, an average of about 3,000 to 4,000 yuan per month, most of the students this year, two two-bedroom units, the average monthly rental expenditure of about 6,000 $ 7,000. And the house is still about 60 rental, which can be instantly Kyrgyzstan accounted for about 40, two-bedroom unit admission fee of about 11,000 yuan, is expected to have the opportunity to climb through the end of 14,000 yuan.

In addition, the high-rise B room of the Guangning Building in Sha Tin Center has a usable area of ​​297 sq ft and has been rented at a monthly rent of $ 13,800.

Fanling name rents grab 11%

In addition to the first city of Shatin, the New Territories North District, there are a large number of mainland students rent case, the Central Plains real estate deputy director of the regional business Lan Haoran pointed out that Fanling District this month, active rental, the mainland students accounted for 60% of the market or more, Such as Fanling name are a high-rise G room, the practical area of ​​454 square feet, belonging to the 3-room interval, last weekend to 15,000 yuan leasing, tenants for the three mainland students, one time Pay 12 months rent, involving about 180,000 yuan. He pointed out that the same type of unit on the monthly lease of 13,500 yuan, the mainland students grab 11%.