Aberdeen Yu Rensheng Center business diversification

Tsim Sha Tsui east of the B-building, coupled with convenient location, is a lot of small and medium enterprises settled in the location. Which Yu Rensheng center convenient transportation, but also sitting on the advantages of both rail, suitable for frequent business to and from.

1 ladder 3 can make a full layer of 1900 feet

Yu Ren Sheng Center is located in Tsim Sha Tsui Chatham Road South 11 to 15, 21-storey, completed in 1993, aged 24 years. Building most of the business in the financial and trade industries, there are many new medical industry presence, industry diversification. The project is a ladder 3 sets of design, many owners choose to make the unit full of more than 1,900 square feet of large units, homemade more work space.

Property lobby with marble design, feel elegant. There are two passenger lifts in the lobby, effectively dispersing the flow of people. Most of the project can be outside the sea view, and 17 floors above the high-level units are not blocked by the front of the building, overlooking the cruise terminal landscape.

The property is located on the third floor for shops and restaurants. Shopping and catering options are available. Local shops are currently used by Chinese medicine practitioners. In addition, the property is located next to the large shopping malls K11, with a wide range of shops and restaurants. There are also a number of restaurants to choose from, the daily diet is complete.

Adjacent to the tip of the East Sea set of two advantages

Yu Rensheng Center is located in Chatham Road South, adjacent to Tsim Sha Tsui East, and set the two rail advantages, including the West Rail and the MTR. The property is opposite the beach platform garden, the lower for the public transport interchange, set up a number of bus routes, for the industry to provide more than one traffic choice. In addition, the construction of the high-speed rail project, from Tsim Sha Tsui drive only a few minutes, directly improve the property investment potential.

In the near future, the two commercial sites in Central District, which are awarded at a high price for commercial land, have a significant effect on the commercial and commercial markets. This will help raise the overall office price. With the continuous rise in commercial property prices on Hong Kong Island, But also sought after by the market, coupled with the price of footers over Hong Kong Island business competitiveness, so that the Kowloon City commercial tower price increase is even more impressive.

Mr. Yuen Kerry, senior director of the office of the Central Plains (industrial and commercial) office, said that Yu Rensheng Center had a relatively sparse transaction and that the first transaction had been made in May last year, with an intermediate full-floor unit with an area of ​​1,978 sq ft and a turnover of $ 16.1 million The price of about 8,150 yuan. Property leasing is more prosperous, recently recorded in the middle layer of full-flats, an area of ​​1,978 square feet, to 65,000 yuan leased out of about 37 yuan rent.