Central China Insurance low price of 19,000 to sell

Central Meili Road commercial high prices to be undertaken, favorable area of commercial tower price per square foot. At present, China Central Insurance Group Building low-level units, the price of 19,000 yuan per foot put the disk, involving 172 million yuan of funds.

More than 9,000 feet of the owner is ready to rent back

The central area of about 2,067 square feet per unit area, is expected to sea view, the interval is four to the price of about 19,000 yuan to sell, Involving about 172 million yuan. Owners interested in renting back to the unit, to 40 yuan per foot dollars, the new buyers can enjoy 2.5% return.

China Insurance Group Building from the Central MTR station about 7 minutes, more than a number of indicators of commercial buildings, supporting perfect. The sale of the unit area is large, suitable for major enterprises and groups for the headquarters. According to the information, the Zhongfu Group Building has recorded three transactions this year, including the middle class 15 to 18, with a transaction price of $ 67 million, an area of 4,046 square feet and an average price of $ 16,560.

As for the rental performance, the low-rise area has an area of 2,124 sq ft and is leased at $ 84,930 per month.