The core commercial buildings in favor of the sale of materials sought after by the consortium

Two commercial high prices in the urban areas after the transaction, the market sentiment to the good, the core area of ​​commercial property owners also take advantage of the sale of a redevelopment of the value of commercial buildings, is expected to become consortium sought after object.

May urban commercial land to become the focus of the market, two weeks there have been two to the king, in mid-May, Central Merlin Road to Wang from Henderson Land (00012) to up to 23.28 billion yuan won, once became king, Per square foot floor price of 50,064 yuan, a commercial land price of a new high-foot, to maintain so far. A total of about $ 24.6 billion was awarded to Nan Fung, with a total land price of about $ 12,863 per square foot, at a total price of $ 72.6 billion.

Excelsior hotel to be put to the sale of valuation warming

Commercial land cost is good, reflecting the core area of ​​commercial market price, to attract the owners take advantage of the sale. Such as Mandarin Oriental announced last week, ready to sell Causeway Bay Excelsior Hotel, property in February 2015 by the Buildings Department approved the building plans, quasi-redevelopment of a 26-storey building, building area of ​​about 684,000 Square feet, the new buyers are expected to purchase a larger opportunity to rebuild the office, the market valuation of about 27 billion yuan per square foot floor price of about 40,000 yuan, the source said, after Murray Road land to record after the transaction, the owners interested Fare increase is expected per square foot floor price of about 45,000 yuan, involving about 30.8 billion yuan. As the property is completed in the future to enjoy the whole sea, coupled with the high value of shops, it is believed that the potential for the consortium for the object.

As for the sale of Murray Road to HK $ 50,000 per square foot, there are owners of the property in Central, and DTZ said that it was ordered to sell 49,51,53 Central Queen’s Road Central and Block 1, Li Yuen West Street Property, closing date on July 21, the intention price of about 2.2 billion. The tender property was originally two old commercial buildings, namely Queen’s Road 49 to 51 Jin Ming House, Queen’s Road 53 and Lee Yuen Street on the 1st Yongchang floor, aged about 50 years and 45 years, the building height 6 Floor. The total area of ​​the two properties is about 3,018 sq ft and has been approved as a 26-storey office with a total floor area of ​​over 45,000 sq. Ft.

Zhan’s commercial building has the potential to rebuild

In addition, the same core business district in Central Des Voeux Road, there are owners of commercial buildings. Gao Ying International (Hong Kong) capital market and investment services assistant director Huang Ying Jin said, was commissioned to sell Zhan’s commercial building, the deadline for July 17 (Monday) at 12 noon. The property is adjacent to Central Center, Hang Seng Bank Headquarter and New Era Square. It is now 11 floors tall and has a gross floor area of ​​approximately 12,896 sq ft. The site area is about 1,376 sq. Ft. And the standard floor area is over 1,000 sq ft. The highest redevelopment rate of the property is 15 times and the redevelopment area is over 20,600 sq ft and the naming rights are entitled.

According to the analysis, the retail price of the commercial buildings in recent years is very good. In particular, the vacancy rate is very low. In addition to the historical highs, the Wan Chai, Sheung Wan and Causeway Bay have the same breakthrough. But the Central, Causeway Bay and other large-scale commercial and commercial sites are not much, the owners see the market turned Wang, take advantage of the sale of commercial sites. In fact, after the reconstruction of commercial buildings is expected to return, many Chinese-funded consortia is still looking for headquarters for personal use, it will also compete with local consortium, foreign funds, is expected to short-term commercial and residential transactions.