Courier company by delivery point of rental

With the growing popularity of online shopping, courier companies to provide customers with more convenient and intimate logistics services, in Hong Kong and Kowloon to increase the collection area, so that these transactions have emerged.

Mong Kok 700 feet shop 46,000 renewal lease flat

An example of the additional pick-up point of the express company is the shop size of about 700 square feet at the length of the building on the 15th and 19th floor of Changwang Road, Mong Kok. It is paid about $ 46,000 by about 46,000 yuan. Shop the old rent is also 46,000 yuan, the new rent did not increase.

Coincidentally, Shun Feng Express also recently rented Yuen Long Pinghui Street on the 9th with the building of the ground floor F shop, the shop area of ​​about 800 square feet, involving the rent of about 42,000 yuan, the transaction covers about 53 yuan. Compared to the old rent of 29,000 yuan, the new rent rose about 45%.

Hong Kong, Wang Ping shop business director Lin Weiyen pointed out that online shopping has been widely known in Hong Kong, courier companies in order to facilitate customers to self-shipment, are like in the industrial area or population gathering more areas to increase the delivery point.

Universal presence in the area of ​​flat rental position

As the weight of online shopping bags, in order to facilitate customer delivery, courier companies rarely consider the need to take the elevator location. But in order to control the operating costs, these goods are generally located in the area of ​​the rent is more affordable border position, which can be parked in front of the floor is their choice of water, acceptable rents are often more than 40,000 yuan to 5 million between.

Lin’s continued finger, even if the current online shopping has been more popular than in the past, but there is still a lot of room for development, picking point which is an indispensable part. It is expected that the future courier company will be synchronized with the degree of popularity of online shopping development, one after another in the district to provide additional delivery points to provide more intimate logistics services.