The United States and the United States 80,000 wins the Dragon Hill Hill rent up 5 times

Estate agents to grab the tide intensified, Midland property rent 5 times to nearly 80 million monthly rent grab charcoal Yu Longshan shopping malls a ground floor, becoming the most expensive real estate agency branch in Hong Kong.

New disk trading Wang, agents seize the rent leading shop. Royal Longshan shopping mall to the area of ​​about 1,263 square feet, originally by the chain of electrical companies to lease for many years, the old rent of about 130,000 yuan per month, and electrical companies move out, the owners of the shop will be the market tender, in the middle of May has been cut, But a number of real estate agents are high prices to grab the shop, and the bid is quite close, the owners after three rounds of screening, and ultimately by the highest bid of the Midland property, the monthly rent of nearly 80 million, higher than the old rent about 5.2 Times

According to industry sources, most of the MTR rented tenants are required to pay half of the deposit, if the decoration costs and other miscellaneous expenses, is expected to invest nearly 10 million yuan in the first year, if the logistical support and labor expenditure, conservative estimates Monthly commission income to 200 million to make money.

Covering two new disk city for the demand for Yin

Midland Real Estate Chief Executive Officer Bu Shaoming confirmed that the company yesterday successfully to nearly 80 million rental of the shop. He pointed out that there were a number of large new plates sold in the future, including the billions of dollars in commemorative commission, and the Longgang leading shop could cover two new markets. Strong, change the demand for hard, so the company is very optimistic about the future prospects of the area, it is willing to invest more resources for greater market share.

In addition to the Midland property, another leading real estate agent also actively grab shop, Fanling Huadu Square, No. 90 shop, an area of ​​about 400 square feet, originally by the beauty shop to about 60,000 yuan leasing, the recent Central Plains to enhance 1.5 times 15 million rent grab.