Retail weak core shop rent rental tenant large place

Mainland customers to buy no longer, so that the core area of ​​the laying down at the same time, the middle and lower prices of retailers can be stationed in the first line of land, street shop portfolio to diversify.

Luxury brand moved out of the next price goods stationed

The core area of ​​the rent in the peak rose 1 to 2 times the core area of ​​a second line basically occupied by the luxury goods business. With nearly two or three years of land passenger consumption patterns change, luxury business crash, it is difficult to bear the high rent, have moved out of the core area,

The original owners are still very heart red, do not want to substantially reduce the rent, but the situation has not improved, the recent face of reality, lower the asking price, by 40% to 60% or more, successfully attract tenants. Take the Causeway Bay Enping Road, Kai Chao Road, for example, last year there are 5 to 6 Ji shop, it is because the owners and tenants see the saw, and now the owners of a substantial price reduction, and finally to undertake, and Yipu has been digested.

Tenants, because the mainland passenger consumption model changes to the main price of goods, so the recent active rental shop retailers, but also the main for the lower price of goods, such as the recent expansion of the active female lingerie, the unit price from a few hundred dollars There are transactions, and electrical appliances, sportswear brand also expand the positive, in addition to the price is cheaper, the most important is the local market, so even if the mainland consumer spending to reduce the retail brand is still room for expansion, So that the core area of ​​street business combination of large business, tenants more diversified than in the past few years.

Hawks do not re-rent is difficult to rebound

In terms of rents, the number of visitors arriving in Hong Kong has stabilized and retail prices have narrowed. As a result, the rents have been steadily stabilized. However, the demand for rents has been high.