Dyson entered the flagship store in Causeway Bay

News that the list of IWC out of Causeway Bay Enping Road, the shop for six months, just won the popularity of electrical brand Dyson lease, monthly lease of about 600,000 yuan, down about 65%.

Brand to another owner to 20 million and rent a total of three floors of a layer of three, to create a double flagship store.

The core area of ​​the rent is still under adjustment, G / F, 17-119 Enping Road, Causeway Bay, an area of ​​about 1,471 square feet, about 600,000 yuan per month rent, the average salary of about 408 yuan. The junction is at the junction of Enping Road and Pak Sha Road, close to Hysan Square and Russell Street, which is the core retail area of ​​Causeway Bay.

Check the information, the shop many years ago by the crystal shop Swarovski rented, the monthly lease of about 850,000 yuan in 2013 when the peak of consumer spending, the international watch brand IWC 1.7 million per month to grab the rent, the rent is higher than 1 times.

Watches IWC moved out of Kyrgyzstan for half a year

IWC lease to the end of last year, due to the past two years, land passenger spending in Hong Kong fell significantly, luxury goods hit more, the brand decided not to renew the contract, the shop has been Kyrgyzstan until recently rented, according to the latest monthly $ 60 million, down 65% over the previous lease, compared to 2010 when the Swarovski rented even lower, reflecting the rent adjustment.

Market news that the recent number of brands to rent the shop, and ultimately by the popular electrical brand Dyson rental, the brand from the United Kingdom, its product shape quite exceptional, successfully attract a new generation of family, such as fan heater air refresher, wireless vacuum cleaner, Hairdryer, etc. are very popular.

It is reported that the current brand in Hong Kong has no stores, products sold in different electrical stores, and now rent the first shop. According to the news, the brand also rented the same floor in addition to renting the ground floor, but also to the other owners to rent the same building 1 and 2 floor, each layer of practical area of ​​about 1,000 square feet, a total of about 2,000 square feet, a total of about 20 million monthly rent, A total of 80 million, rented three floors, the brand can create a double flagship store, enhance the publicity effect.

This year the laying material fell 5% gradually stabilized

Retail rents did not reverse the decline, Jones Lang Laofi shop manager Chen Yaofeng pointed out that the retail lease for more than 3 years, and the retail market since 2014, down, in other words, expensive rental contracts to expire this year, so the market also There is the news of the laying down, but the adjustment is nearing completion, is expected this year, shop rents fell about 5%, gradually stabilized.

Other core areas of the shop is still recorded rent down the case, the news pointed out that Pu Yi glasses to about 600,000 yuan per month, rented in the construction of the underground building and loft, an area of ​​about 1,200 square feet.

The shop was originally rented by the luxury mobile phone brand Vertu, the monthly lease of about 1.5 million yuan, the new rent over the old rented 60%.

In terms of rents, the number of visitors arriving in Hong Kong has stabilized and retail prices have narrowed. As a result, the rents have been steadily stabilized. However, the demand for rents has been high.