Kerry Kerry Chairman of the first purchase of 158 million days

And then celebrities to the name of the first home market, West Mid-level luxury mansion high-level units to 158 million yuan sold, registered buyers and Kerry Building (00683) Chairman and CEO Huang Xiao anti the same name, expected the same person.

Foot price of nearly 64,000 small yellow to undertake

The Land Registry shows that the usable floor area is 2,476 square feet and is sold for about $ 158 million. The utility price is near $ 64,000. The registered buyer is Wong Siu Kong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kerry Building Huang Xiao anti the same name, I believe that is the same person, is the first to enter the name of the first home, only pay 4.25% stamp duty.

(00041) Deputy Managing Director Luo Qirui, as well as artists Yang Ying (Angelababy) and the relevant persons, also purchased the project, the project is also a lot of money, unit.

Scholars Lang Xianping 87 million to buy cast

In addition, the economist, Lang Hing-ping or the person concerned, also purchased a high-rise E room with a total area of ​​2,259 square feet and a usable area of ​​38,513 yuan at the price of $ 87 million. % Tax, taxable nearly 3.7 million yuan, the information shows that Lang Xianping in the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a professor of finance.

Recently, the property market is hot, a number of financial circles, entertainment celebrities have entered the market, such as senior investors Liao Tang Huiwei, then 61.8 million yuan to buy Stanley Beach Road 10B underground units; actor Zhang Jiahui, more throwing 131 million yuan to buy Mid-levels Jiahui Garden unit.