In the second half of the slowdown in property prices to 5%

Sun Yat-sen real estate refers to the first half of this year, property prices rose 13%, compared with the Group’s original forecast of 5% over the completion of the second half of the government is expected, the property price rally will slow to 5%.

The Centara-City Index (CCI), which reflects second-hand property prices, is expected to reach 160 points, up 13% from 141.2 points at the end of last year, higher than the Group’s forecast of 5% at the end of last year.

Centaline Real Estate Asia Pacific Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Wong Wai Hung said that at present, Hong Kong’s economy is sound, there is no excessive borrowing, coupled with sustained economic growth, low unemployment rate is also conducive to the development of the property market, but the SAR Government will soon be there, the new housing policy Launched, coupled with the United States is expected to raise interest rates again this month, I believe the second half of the property market growth slowed to 5%.

Annual property prices are estimated to be 19%

As a result, the overall property price increase is about 19% for the whole year. CCI is expected to rise to 173% in the second quarter of next year, up by 8%. Huang Weixiong expects the bank to actively engage in the mortgage business in the primary market and is expected to focus on the new disk, with 9,000 units sold in the second half and 1.9 million in the year, up about 5% from the previous year. $ 260 billion, up 10% year-on-year,

Due to the increase in large volume transactions, the Central Plains is expected to have 8,000 trades and acquisitions this year, totaling $ 140 billion, up 56% year-on-year.

In addition, the Central Plains Research Department announced the new property index index of the Central Plains Index (CVI) to track changes in the valuation of banks, the index used in the Central Plains city index more than 100 constituencies, extraction of individual standard units, the weekly comparison unit of the latest and a month ago Of the valuation, compared to the ups and downs, the statistics of the bank on the property market situation. Index to 50 points for the Air or the Air Dade line, the index is located at 60 points or more hovering is also optimistic about the property market rose, if the index is below 40 points is a bearish property market.