Kwai Chung Star Center two tie away

Jiarui Fund’s Kwai Chung Industrial Street Star Center, officially closed in the middle of last month occupation, many investors rushed into the cross before the line of shipping, the market even recorded two cases of hand off the case.

Land Registry data show that the star center on the 20th floor of a 242 square feet of more than room, just about 1.36 million yuan change hands, compared with two years 1.33 million purchase price, the book only profit 30,000 yuan, if deducted agency commission And stamp charges and other miscellaneous expenses in real terms to leave. District agency said the investor originally asked the price of 1.6 million yuan put the disk, but the developer came to the building, then the price of 240,000 yuan to sell goods.

Second, the Star Center, 6th floor, 6 rooms, an area of about 371 square feet, to touch the form of selling, the transaction price of 252.3 million yuan, with two years before the purchase price of the same price, it is estimated that the loss of investors and agency fees and other miscellaneous expenses