Lu Zhihe: interest low property market risk is not like 97 refers to the Chinese people tin children young people buy easy

Rising property prices, the property market has not seen the degree of excitement. One of the major local real estate Ka Wah International (00173), Chairman Lu Zhi and interview with this newspaper that the details of each property bubble burst is not the same, the current global is still at a low level, the property market risk is difficult compared with 97 years The

Government to curb the property market rally repeated hot strokes, property prices have risen higher, the Central Plains City Leading Index (CCL) has been 16 consecutive record highs, the highest 20 years since the record. Market participants began to worry about the current bubble with the property market in 97 on the eve of the city, the city is very similar to the era of madness.

There is a need to self-occupied will not follow suit speculation

Experienced a number of property market in Hong Kong, said Lu Zhihe, interest factors make two times difficult to compare directly, every time (the property bubble burst), the surface is the same, but the details are not the same inside. Before (97 years) blasting, when the interest is high, today’s low interest rates today

Property prices continue to rise, many Hong Kong people are still upstairs to worry about the car. Lvzhi and that if the need and the ability to use their own buyers can consider entering the market, “he really need to live, they think right, they should buy, because the interest level.” However, he repeatedly stressed, I have a mentality, powerless still insist on buying. He speaks as saying, “Do you want to eat pills? You have to make judgments.”

Recently, the new disk appears to buy the house by the father of the phenomenon, children and grandchildren Lvzhi and understand the more direct, young people to buy “easy to halo, easy”, not only because of the Chinese nature of tin, and the government on the younger generation Too good, allow the installment 30 years, the cash depreciation under inflation, so the buy is “arrived.” However, Lu Zhi and at the same time advise you not to speculation, because the government will be hot strokes die you.

Refers to the Chinese counterparts willing to fight Hong Kong and Hong Kong conservative

Chinese real estate business nearly half a year frequently come to high prices to grab land, Lvzhi and the past was a big sigh to buy, but Ka Wah then successively cast Kai Tak and Kam on the road to residential land. He admitted that the property market under the good times, the competition is more difficult to vote is certainly more difficult, Ka Wah business strategy is to “do it difficult, do not do it hard,

In the face of the courage to enter the real estate developers to enter, he believes that the objectives and objectives of Chinese and Hong Kong business are different, welcome to competition, “they are willing to Bo, rich to Bo, we do not stop, Hong Kong is a free society, System, you can not stop or even ban any party, otherwise it will have an impact on Hong Kong’s free society and prosperity. “

As a member of Hong Kong property developers, Lvzhi and sighed: “We Hong Kong has been stronger than the Chinese, but why can China come to Hong Kong?” He believes that the qualifications of Hong Kong is actually very good, the mind is also good, the only more Chinese Erosion is the other side willing to go ten steps, Hong Kong only willing to go four or five steps. “Hong Kong goods tend to be conservative, do not live up to expectations, on the contrary, Chinese will be willing to fight, willing to fight, the two were here.” Hong Kong is conservative and stable, “If they are to use so much money to buy, you (Hong Kong) to buy with them or even higher than they, when you lose is” silly “Hello. But you do not go with them to grab , And is it called “stupid”?

Next month to pay the mining license to love Anderson

Ka Wah started in mining and building materials. In 1964, he took the mining rights of the Anderson Road quarry in Kowloon as the first mining license company in Hong Kong. However, the mining license will be returned to the Government at the end of July for the developers to bid for housing. Lu Zhixi, who had been with the mine for 53 years, admitted that there was a “good feeling” to the land, and that if the government could build a house on the land, I retired on the best, ha ha.

He said, when the investment will be aggressive, “determined to be a souvenir is good,” but sometimes cast is “hit color”, because all cast want to succeed, even if you are aggressive, there are other people than you Enterprising, can cast land.