Dai De Liang line: property prices rose about 5%

Low interest environment, DTZ said the property prices continued upward during the year, up about 5%.

Derek Leung, vice president of Greater China and Greater China strategy development consultant head Tao Ruhong said the first half of the average property prices rose 7% to 15%. At present, property prices are 23% lower than in March last year, and individual housing estates rose 3 to 4%. He said the increase was quite alarming. Volume, in April this year, the overall property market rebounded to 9,205 cases, but the April to May government moves, the material turnover fell short-term.

Recently, many people to the current high property prices compared with 1997, worried about the risk of property burns, he analyzed, at present even if the property prices are high, and there is interest rate risk, but with the 97 annual real interest rate of 11% Is still at a low interest rate, as long as the rate hike is not high, property prices fell sharply chances are not high According to his analysis, the interest rate is low, the economic environment is ideal, trading in the second half of the year or slowing down, while property prices will narrow, rising about 5% to 10%, while the small and medium-sized residential property prices are still up. Policy, he said the government hot strokes to curb speculation, but the current rigid demand, the impact will not be too much.

Investment market, DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Hong Kong investment and advisory services, executive director Ye Jianjun refers to the two commercial to the ideal price after the sale of a rent is expected to better.