Hengda 1.7 billion unified Haixing Building rights

(00012) through the strong film to the reserve price of 1.688 billion yuan unified title, the floor price of 9,383 yuan, will be rebuilt into residential projects, providing 460 units, the average area Only more than 300 square feet.

Can be built 180,000 square feet to rebuild 460 partners

Shopsy Building, 2 to 16 and 2 to 16, 6, Lide Street, and 32-44 Fukuzawa Street, Hoi Hing Building, which has been acquired by Henderson for many years and has been incorporated into a series of redevelopments in the district Project Leo Square of which one period, the next line for the new line Liyang Square. Xiao shore During the acquisition of the old building, there was a murderous murder in 2013 and shocked the territory.

The old building in April after the approval of the strong beat order, yesterday, a public auction, the final by the hands of the No. 2 license of the Executive Director Huang Haoming, under no competitors to the reserve price of 1.698 billion yuan to vote on the project to Can be built about 180,000 square feet of floor, the floor price of about 9,383 yuan.

Intends to invest 2.6 billion per person an average of 330 feet per team

Huang Haoming said that the project plans a total investment of about 2.6 billion yuan, will build a residential building, will provide about 460 units, it is estimated that the average effective area of ​​each unit of about 330 square feet.

Haixing Building is aged 52 years and offers a total of 238 houses and 20 bunks. He has been actively participating in the acquisition since 2008 and has successfully collected about 91% of the franchise filmmaker three years ago. Before, the remaining three groups of residential failed to acquire.

With the successful purchase of Haixing Building, to further consolidate the development of the territory of the territory, in addition to the Leo Square. Xiaoyan, the Group also successfully acquired Jiashan Street 8 to 30A, and angle Cheung Street 25 to 29 large factory building, forming a series of development projects.