International School 1.36 billion rented Cheung Chi Center for 6 years

Hung Hom area more convenient transportation, the area supporting mature, to attract international school tenants to 136 million yuan, rented into the district commercial buildings for temporary school, lease period of 6 years.

For temporary primary school buildings

Cheung Kee Group has previously purchased the one-star project at Hung Hom One Harbor Resources and has ordered the project to be the center of Chung Kwong Center. The B-Blocks of the project are rented by the Kelly Hill International School as a temporary primary school building with an area of ​​over 22,000 sq ft, Leasing period of 6 years, according to the Land Registry data show that the first three years the monthly rent of more than 1.8550 million yuan, the next three years the monthly rent more than 1,989,800 yuan, six years the total rent of more than 136 million yuan, Code leasing transactions.

The other commercial flats in the area are generally ranging from $ 22 to $ 33. Such as the beach square high-level units, an area of ​​about 5,890 square feet, to rent 18,800 yuan annual rent, rent about 32 yuan per foot.

In addition, the Hong Fu Industrial Trust (00808) sold about $ 87,700 million in Hong Kong in March to approximately $ 11,387 per sq ft at about 77,000 sq ft of the project floor. Other commercial properties in the district are now priced at about $ 5,000 to $ 7,000, for example, $ 11,146 million in the middle of the peninsula squ